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Operation Hotness 2004

So I’ve declared a new commitment to myself.

Operation Hotness 2004.

You might’ve heard of this already. I’ve called it Operation Crop Top, Operation Halter Top, even Operation Set Sharon Free from Blah-ville.

But, I decided upon Operation Hotness 2004.

What does this mission entail?

new wardrobe
badass haircut
badass body
new contacts.

Whatever. I suppose I will be one of those people who go through a cheesy montage of “improving thyself” to a much more aesthetic person.

Shallow, I know.

I don’t know how it came about. I think Operation Hotness came about when I talked to my friend Cooper.

Me: Cooper, do you think I’m hot?
Cooper: You are hot…
Me: But…
Me: Gah. What? I won’t be offended.
Cooper: It’s like you have this potential to be unbelievably hot but you don’t know how to utilize it to your advantage. It’s like, you have this hotness and you don’t know what to do with it.
Me: Really?
Cooper: Really. In the name of Swingers: You’re money and you don’t even know it. I think you are really attractive. I would fuck you.
Me: …okay, thanks!

So, in line of my “potential” hotness, I want to see what could happen if I could make guys fall at their feet at my exquisite hotness. I’m not worried about conversation (I could pull one out of my ass) However, I sort of….flirt the wrong way because I don’t think of myself as necessary a sex object but a great friend.

The great friend thing has to stop (for boys anyway)

So, watch out world, I’m going to kick some ass and boys will be dying at my feet.

Well, at least some free drinks in a club.

I will give progress reports. The goal of Operation Hotness is to last for 6 months.

Wish me luck (yo)


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