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sometimes when we touch..

The honesty is too much.

Man, that song is crazy good. You know what I always wanted? I always wanted a South Park episode where Cartman would wail on that song. He would have one fist in the air and his lip would quiver.

But that’s just my dream.

I just came back from my second job tonight…only two more days of work to go! WEOW!

I had a going away lunch which was held at the lawfirm I worked at and they gave me all these horror stories about driving in snow.

I think, in my upcoming road trip, I’m just going to have to screw seeing Mt. Rushmore.

This makes me sad.

I then went to my Starbucks job. I was cleaning a counter in front of the registers and Brad, the manager guy, jokingly says, “How may I help you?”
and I say “I would like a Venti man please”

and Vanessa, the other worker, doing the drinks, nearly died laughing when I said that. Then I said “Now, just wait one minizzle.” And she laughed even harder. Then I did an impression of Mariah Carey and she did one of Jessica Simpson

We were just in a weird mood tonight.

After my impeccable impressions, Vanessa finally took a breath of air and said “Oh god Sharon, you can’t go. I’m soooo going to miss you. Who’s going to crack us up at work now?” I’m known as the ‘funny’ closer, I guess. Probably because of my snoop dog impressions.

At the lawfirm, my boss keeps going up to me and says “How can you leave me? Don’t leave me.” As with many other people this past week.

These people are killing me. I’m half tempted to stay.

I wish all my friends lived in one town/city/suburb whatever.

I haven’t packed one solitary thing despite the plethora of boxes habitating in my room.

It’s ridiculous how much work I need to do, friends I have to see, things I have to prepare.

And I haven’t done one single thing.


This is the most boring entry on earth. I’m losing my mind.


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