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I am home. I have to go back to work.

I just came back from the East Coast and when I landed in San Diego I was already too hot but too self conscious about my bad eating habits the past 4 days so I did not remove my sweatshirt. I also started some feminine issues on the plane. Further, when I got back to work (one of my lawyer-friends from the firm picked me up) I found out that…oops, I left my light on in the car for the past couple of days, hence, my car battery is dead. Aw man.

I had to get it jumpstarted and find the appropriate feminine supplies to rectify my seemingly disappointing situation.

Anyway, the road trip. It was much more fun than I anticipated. I always though John was a pretty boring guy but found out otherwise (Just kidding john..I think)

Hence I present to you the Awards of the Sharon’s East Coast Vacation:

Best Snack in the Car: Pizza-Pretzel Combos
Contingency Snack: Reeses Pieces

Best Song that John can Sing To: I’m With You by Avril Lavigne
Worst Song that John can Sing To: A Whole New World (from Aladdin)

Best Roller Coaster: The Batman Ride one
[John: “Why is that whole row not have people in it?”
Me: “That’s the memoriam for people who have died on the ride”]

Runner Up Roller Coaster: The Tower (?) of Doom
John: “I’ve underestimated that ride”

Worst Roller Coaster: The Water One.

Best Video Game to Play: Dance, Dance Revolution. Who cares if you don’t have rhythm? It’s the rhythm of life that counts.

Best Alcoholic Beverage: Heineken
Worst Alcholic Beverage: Blueberry Ale (and it said ALL NEW!)

Favorite person I saw from the West Coast in the East Coast: Wilbur

Most Unfavorite person I saw from the West Coast in the East Coast: Wilbur

Most interesting story from one of John’s friends: Sam and his story about how a jellfish stung his balls

Me: “It just surpassed all of your lower extremities and went straight to your balls?”
Sam: “It just zeroed in on it. I now have a fear of the ocean”

Worst Event to happen on the road trip: Anything to do with maps.

Best Movie on the Road Trip: X-Men 2.
Runner up: Rocky 2

Best Nintendo Game to play: Super Mario 3
Best Dog I saw: Tristan
Runner Up: The guy who bumped me in the Brewery. Bastard

Best Mail I saw John get: Brads from Office Depot
John: “I am so underwhelmed” (He paid 6 bucks to get that delivered to him whereas he could’ve bought it at the actual store. poor john)

Worst Mail I saw John get: Nelson (the spelling error was for you Nelson)

Key Words: Key Lime Pie, Praying Mantis, Platypus, Roller Coaster, Toll Booth, and Amelie.

Miscellaneous comments on the trip (which were usually made by me or John, since we were the only ones in the car)

“I think you underestimate the consumption of eating shit”–John [comparing having to eat shit versus getting his package cut off]

“I would be Ginger Spice…I mean, I like Sporty Spice but she has no boobs and is the only one without the boyfriend. I mean, I’m always the one without the boyfriend. I have no need to replay that role” [me answering John’s question of which Spice Girl I would like to be]

“You can hold my hand if you want” (me)
“Actually can I grip YOU really tight and shake you back and forth for forcing me to do this?” [John on his nervousness on roller coaster rides]

“Hello, we would like to shop at your mall but we need directions. Could you give them to us?” [Me, on the phone, asking Springfield mall on how to get there]

“It must be my SARS” (Wilbur)
“That was an easy joke” (Me)
“I’m sure he knew that joke was easy thus he presentation of it and the knowledge that we all knew that joke was easy made it funny” (or something like that by John)
[everyone gaining up against me because Wilbur made a joke about SARS that I did not approve..bastards)

All right I am late but I will reflect more on the past events at a later date (like tomorrow)


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