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a poem written for me

Into the woods

She frolics along,

No care in the world

Singing her song.

Sharon is her first name,

And Mayo is her last.

Her pace suddenly quickens,

From frolic to fast.

What is the reason

For the sudden change in speeds?

Something is lurking

In the dark, distant weeds.

It hides in the dark,

Behind tree trunks and logs.

It searches for things to eat,

Sometimes human, sometimes frogs.

What creature exists,

In the woods at night?

Slithering and sliding,

To avoid the sunlight.

He has big eyes,

And a single strand of hair.

Only skin and bone,

For his body is bare.

What name does one give

To a creature so foul?

He will tear off your limbs

And rip out your bowel.

He sees Sharon running,

As he sits there looking solemn

The name he hath been given

Is the one they call Gholum.

He calls for his Precious,

As Sharon continues to run

But Gholum stays put

Sharon is running in the sun.

Gholum screams for his Precious

“Where is my damn ring?!”

No one to answer him

Sharon dares not to sing.

Out of the forest

Comes a long a Dark Rider

Sharon stops in her tracks

“Where is my Stryder?”

All of a sudden birds appear

From the trees come sparrows,

A man steps out of the woods

With a bow and some arrows.

The man is an Elf

Legolas is his name,

Killing the Dark Riders

Is the name of his game.

Legolas sees Sharon running through the woods

He saves her with his usual flair

Because he knows is he does she’ll give him the goods

When he gives her his wanting stare

They leave the forest hand in hand

With his bows and arrows in tow

Legolas lifts Sharon off from the land

And they leave towards the horizon before the sun gets too low

hee hee hee. Okay, Mr. Hendrickson wrote the bulk of this poem but I wrote the end (obviously)

I’m hungry. Stupide diet. Oh, and hip hop class ROCKS! I think I worked out my abs laughing to myself. (man, those girls in the front MEAN BUSINESS!)


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