5 and 5 Podcast

The best and worst of a pop culture topic with perspective.

Conspiracy Theories

Why are there so many mattress firms in Tucson? Why are aliens obsessed with our assholes? Is Steve Wonder actually blind? Sharon, Steve and Jeff discuss, Angela Ortiz sings and more…

Cover Songs

Sharon and Ryan discuss the differences between honoring a song and disrespecting a song. Oh, and obviously, David Hasselhoff.

Coen Brothers’ Films

This podcast is also known as The Big Lebowski Appreciation podcast by Sharon and John.

1990s Slow Jams

Sharon and Vince chat about Toni Braxton crying in her mansion in lingerie, Boyz II Men keeping you up all night with their uhhs and ahhs and the nasality of Keith Sweat in this raunchy (and fairly explicit, quite honestly) podcast episode.

1990s Alternative

Sharon, Steve and Mike wonder how weird Bjork actually is, chat Billy Corgan’s tea shop and what makes a legit Radiohead fan in the most popular episode of the 5 and 5 podcast.

[GUEST] Hip Hop Heads Podcast – 90s Hip Hop best and worst

Sharon, Trey and Johnny chat east coast versus west coast hip hop as well as the merits of the song ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mack Morrison.