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I woke up like 4 or 5 times last night. That is SO not a good one. I sort of miss having two jobs because I would be so dead tired I would fall asleep and never wake up. When I woke up, I would be refreshed but dreading to go to work again for another hella tiring day. It’s a catch 22 isn’t it? My friend George told me he had the same problem because he had two jobs for a couple of years and would just collapse and now that he can’t, he works out constantly. Actually after the lack of sleep he got ANOTHER JOB after he quit starbucks… just so he could sleep again.

It’s a possiblity that I’m tinkering with at the moment…

Anyway, other than that, I’m like…. sad I guess is sort of the proper word to say. It’s so cheesy why I am sad so I will not divulge but have you ever heard that Chicago song, um “Hard to Say I’m Sorry?” Like I always feel like I should do the first couple of lyrics and then I end up being the person at the end of the chorus. It’s sort of pathetic I think.

I’m going through courting withdrawal. I wish there was a guy out there who wouldn’t just date me but actually court the shit out of me. Okay, not the shit out of me, that’s sort of annoying (You know, someone who like evokes emotion from your every move) but someone who told me they thought of me every now and then. I’m tired of egos and defensive mechanisms. With great love and great achievement comes great risk… when will that day come????

I guess I’m just sexually frustrated and emotionally frustrated. I haven’t been hmmm…. for lack of a better term, unsatisfied. Your hands could only do so much till carpal tunnel begins to take effect (heh heh heh)

I miss Diet Coke