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I’ve moved back home. It’s pretty lame.

sorry peeps, I’ve been crazy busy as of late, so of course my online journal entries of exciting stuff has been MIA. I don’t know what I’m saying cause I’m at my parents house.

Yes, I’ve moved back home. It’s pretty lame. Oh well. At least I don’t have to pay for rent and only a little bit of food (my mom likes to cook ham. I hate ham. So I buy my own food) and my little brother is pretty stoked so he won’t be alone all the time. He’s quite the little man I think. He’s involved with basketball and football (he’s a little linebacker..tee hee) and he’s always at my beck and call. I got him trained all right.

We went to eat chinese food for dinner (because my mom cooked ham, yuck) and he was telling me that he was happy to give up his room to me because he’s always home alone. My parents both work like crazy hours…about 60 hours a week for both so my brother is always home alone. He tells me it makes him really angry and I said “why?” and he said “I don’t know why. It just makes me mad” That’s interesting to me because my sister and I have always been left home alone as well but when we were my brother’s age, we sort of had each other. Well, not really. I wanted to go out on my own and I hated dragging my little sister around. But still, I think it’s because we brought up ourselves that we’re so “independent.” so I don’t see why our parents should be pissed when we don’t want their advice on life. It’s a growing situation I suppose. And from what I hear, it seems my parents grew up the same way..parents working all the time. But I can’t be angry because they work all the time to support us.

Anyway, we got a new dog. THAT makes me angry because I don’t think this family can take care of a dog. I wanted to return it but GODDAMNIT, it was too damn cute. I’m naming it Sally after the movie When Harry Met Sally. Sally Albright is our dog’s name. She is so unbelievably cute. I can’t believe her. And feisty too. And I stepped on her poop the other day. Yuck. Well, on the lighter side, she’s still a puppy so it was tiny poop but imagine my poor foot. I sanitized the shit out of it. (ha, ha, ha. I’m so clever)

I went to San Francisco on the 26 to the 29th. Whew, I learned a lot of things about myself and my best friend. If she is reading this, you need to calm down the backseat driving yo! But I got to see my closest guy friend on the east coast, mr. cooper g and I got to meet his new girlfriend Angie, who, from knowing most of his past girlfriends, is the most down to earth. Good choice.

Unfortunately, I was sickly. But I was like, goddamnit, I’m going to have a good time if it kills me. And it practically did. I took Dayquil, Antibiotics, Allegra (to do some double power on the sneezing) cough drops, and something else. I forget. Anyway, so I’m on all these drugs and Cooper and his brother Alex took us to Buena Vista Park (it looked like a forest to me) and we were climbing to the top of the hill. I was breathing like a mad man and I said “You guys are going to kill me! You know that my heart is dysfunctional and I’m on 18 million drugs!” and of course, they were all high so the laughed me right out of the forest. Yeah, smoked the ghanja before leaving. Bastards. So I was the only sober one. But it was cool cause …I was sick I guess. I don’t know I’m talking out of my ass.

San Francisco. Who’s great idea was to build a city on top of these steep ass hills? If I were learning stick shift in that city, I think I would have a heart attack. But do you know any other city with these crazy steep hills? I think not.

I saw CHICAGO while I was up in san fran and that movie is crazy. I’m not sure what to think of it just yet. Musical theatre converted to film is a difficult transition I think but I think they did a good job. It’s just weird to see…musical theatre in film. Catherine Zeta Jones was fucking awesome. She would be the one who convert me to a lesbian if she wanted me. Maybe not. Because I would be too intimidated by her sophistication and have low self-esteem because she is 80 million times more beautiful than me and that accent. But still, she is so unbelievably beautiful. If I had her beauty, intellect, style, and talent (watch her dance and sing, she’s is fucking brilliant), I might use those powers for evil. But she hasn’t yet. Good for her.

Christmas in general was crazy. Last minute shopping and moving out of the apartment and getting ready for the san fran trip and moving out of our offices in the law firm…and being sick. I think I almost died. I think I used up 7 of my nine lives in the past 10 days.

Last note of the night. When we drove hom from san fran, we decided to take the 101/1 highway which is probably the most beautiful highway to ever take. I absolutely loved it. Especially with Blackaliciouis and the Eagles on full blast. If I ever get serious with a guy, we are definitely going on the that highway and make out like crazy (tee hee) and some other stuff. And we’re going to Hearst castle. But I’m getting ahead of myself…once again.

So new year’s is here. I’m going to lose weight. No question about it. Watch me. I will prove you guys who doubt me ALL wrong. By march I should be 3 sizes smaller. heh heh heh. I’m an evil woman. And of course i will not be using dietary supplements because of my heart.

Anyway, My heart and I have to rest now. I’m going to use my heart as an excuse for EVERYTHING. Except for roller coasters of course. I scream my lungs out to make sure my heart doesn’t take a beating (ha, ha, ha, I crack myself up)

Goal of the year: to learn “norweigian wood (this bird has flown)” on the guitar.