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Favorite Journalism Movies

I feel in another multiverse, I was probably either a really good detective or a journalist, trying to bring justice to some sort of injustice. Well, I’m also extremely clumsy and I’m not made for gun chases– which is what happens in all journlism movies. Also, there’s always a scene with a multi-layer car garage. What is that about? Car garages sure do get a lot more action than the hundreds of car garages I have waded through. You’d think I’d see a shoot out or a deep throat type of interaction (i’m talking fbi mode) by now because the occurrence in movies is super high.

But, I digress. Time will tell who are next round of journalists are going to be. I think Lisa Ling will be one of ’em, if she’s not already.

5. Good Night and Good Luck

4. The Insider

3. Frost / Nixon

2. Spotlight

1. All the Presidents Men

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I forgot what I was going to write about.

I see and hear things every day and think ‘I should write about this.’ Then I get another idea and another. So, I think…maybe I should carry around a notepad or a tape recorder. I download a bunch of note-taking apps. All installed, none of them open. Then I go to Best Buy and start looking at tape recorders, like the ones you see with reporters. (Idea: Do ranking of favorite journalism movies) Well, I got this far, I’m looking at this recorder for $39.99…and I think….what was my idea again? Bah. I leave.

As I drive home, I remember all my ideas plus 10 more amazing things I need to write about this instant. Ugh, but I don’t want to do a u-turn. Anyway, this was turning into too much effort. So, I guess I’m doomed forever to stare at a blank page, knowing that somewhere in my subconscious I probably have figured out the cure for cancer, another new game theory and how to play 800 instruments.

So, this entry will have to do for now. Fin.