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50 before 50

This list was written when I was 16 years old.

  1. First kiss
  2. First love
  3. First boyfriend
  4. Get a job that involves travelling
  5. See a live panda
  6. Watch a World Series live
  7. Watch the Superbowl live
  8. Watch the Olympics live
  9. Do a (half) marathon
  10. Do a (olympic distance) triathalon
  11. Do a century ride
  12. Get a corgi
  13. Get a Mini-Cooper
  14. Have my own place, where I can go home and rock out to ‘cradle of love’ like the music video
  15. Get into NYU
  16. Make at least 50k so I can buy a house (sigh, 50k won’t get me a house)
  17. Finish a screenplay/script
  18. Travel to all the continents
  19. Live in Hawaii
  20. Learn to drive stick-shift
  21. Learn to bake from scratch
  22. Finish reading all my books in my bookcases
  23. Finish watching the best 100 films of all time per AFI
  24. Write a book (does writing The Rabbit Family for my sister count?)
  25. Have a roommate and hope we become bffs like in the movies
  26. Learn to sing
  27. Learn the piano
  28. Learn the drums
  29. Learn to DJ and make my own mixes
  30. Learn to paint like Bob Ross
  31. Skydive (I may need to change this, I don’t think I’m ever going to do this)
  32. See Chris Rock live
  33. See Paul McCartney live
  34. See Fleetwood Mac live (before any of them dies)
  35. See Billy Joel live
  36. Collect all the Beatles albums
  37. Collect all the X-Files episodes
  38. Get a voicemail
  39. Visit London
  40. Visit Australia
  41. Visit New Zealand
  42. Learn CPR
  43. Give my nieces and goddaughter an awesome trip when they graduate high school
  44. Go to all the Disney parks in the world
  45. Go to the top 50 restaurants of all time (or whenever)
  46. Go on a Disney Cruise
  47. Learn to scuba dive
  48. Foster doggies when I own my own place
  49. Party on a rooftop in Vegas
  50. Celebrate NYE in a big city


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