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I’m losing my edge

And I swear, I’m not going through lady times.  I think the distance betwixt myself and my boyfriend is starting to bother me.  The last time I saw him was August 19th.  We went to a wedding in Napa (so awesome) and then he flew away.

Reasons why I’m losing my edge (edginess. Yes, I do think I have some ‘edge’.  Not to the point I can call myself “The Edge” but enough edginess to nick you while you’re shaving).

  • I watched Titanic
  • I watched Titanic and totally bawled even before Jack died because I knew he was going to die.
  • Did I mention I never cried the first time I saw Titanic (this would be my second viewing.  I always though it was too long to ever watch again)
  • I watched Love Actually
  • I felt really bad for Laura Linney’s character.  Paulo was hot! (And never realized it was Paulo from Lost till this second viewing)
  • I was obsessed with finding out if Alan Rickman’s character actually physically cheated on Emma Thompson’s character and read 123 posts about it on imdb
  • I was rocking out to “You are the woman that I’ve always dreamed of” by Firefall today
  • I was tempted to watch Titanic for a third time today.  I opted for watching The Adjustment Bureau instead
  • I started crying to Sia’s song “Breathe” because it reminded of the Six Feet Under finale that I saw in 2006. That was SIX YEARS AGO.
  • I can’t wait for my next turn on Words With Friends even though I have like 15 games going on
  • I’ve watched 4 movies in the theaters in the past month.  One day, I saw two movies back to back. (Well, this might give me some edge back.  Watching movies solo is somewhat edgy)
  • I shaved my legs.  But I’m Asian/Pacific Islander and really have no hair on my legs but used it as an excuse to take a bath and pass the time for an hour
  • I haven’t watched television for 2 weeks
  • I ate salmon today. What a boring meal.
  • I haven’t had wine in like, a month

Ok.  Reasons that I am still somewhat edge and cancels out my non-edginess

  • Watched Looper by myself and bought a popcorn to eat by myself
  • Watched The Master by myself and DID NOT join Scientology although if I had an hour more of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I may have joined the cult
  • Watched End of Watch and cried silently so nobody would know
  • Well, I guess you know now, I just told you
  • I ran a half marathon on Labor Day even though I only trained 3 days for it
  • I limped all through Disneyland the day after my race because I didn’t want to waste my 80 dollar ticket
  • I was TEMPTED to get a wheelchair at Disneyland but DIDN’T
  • I purchased a 50 lb plasma tv and set that bitch up myself (using a furniture dolly to get it from my car to the apartment)
  • Traveled across the country in 3 days with 2 dogs and a tall boyfriend
  • I can wax without crying now (you think these eyebrows are naturally this way? think again)
  • I haven’t ironed my shirts in 2 weeks
  • I’ve done 2 half marathons and 1 triathalon in this YEAR alone
  • I’m reading The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons. EDGY!
  • I listen to Overtime with Bill Maher podcasts. Podcasts are EDGY!
  • I ate at Animal and had braised rabbit legs, chicken liver toast and pig ear
  • I was sitting next to Aziz Ansari and Eric from Eric and something show, great job. (Wait, I think that makes me non-edge. Anything doing with celebrities makes me lame)
  • I accidentally walked into the lot where they were shooting Arrested Development
  • Came in 4th place out of 40 at California Trivia Night (this shows how much easier trivia night is easier on the west coat than the east coast)
  • I posted a picture comparing myself to a rhino trying to be a unicorn
  • I went to a comedy club by myself to watch a friend, and actually ran into ANOTHER friend from college

Ok. Although my edge list seems to outdo my non-edgy list, I think each thing on my edge list is like 1 point whereas each thing on my non-edgy list mentioning CRYING, BAWLING or TITANIC is worth 10 points.

Damn.  Hurry up boyfriend and get to California.  I’m starting to become a lame-ass girlfriend who may become needy. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I mean, I’m starting to watch sad movies with romance in it. I’m like two steps away from watching something with Kate Hudson in it.