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Writing Christmas Cards

Yeah….I don’t have THAT many friends to write to.

So it’s been 6 months since I’ve written in this blog. I wish there was a way for Siri to take down blog entries for me (even though I don’t have an Iphone) and then I could re-edit, then I would definitely be dedicated to writing to this blog more often. Here’s what has happened since my last entry in July: 1. New job in McLean. Yay! 2. New MINI Cooper. Yay! 3. New bigger and awesomer apartment with the boyfriend. Yay !4. Got Comic Con 4 day passes for 2012. Yay! 5. Training for a triathlon. Um…. (but yay for raising the funds for beating blood cancers) 6. My dogs are alive and healthy. Yay! 7. New big-ass TV. Yay!8. Seeing a chiropractor because I thought I had carpal tunnel. Yay? Ok. I think that’s it for now. I will say, even though these are exciting new changes, they are freaking stressful and it took me awhile to get things balanced and stuff. Triathalon training: So. This crap is hard. Like hard. It’s only been my first month and its still hard. Does it get any easier? Also, it doesn’t help that I mis-read the schedule. On Sundays, it says to either run or swim…and I thought it said to run AND swim….and I’m doing a bit of side training for the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World, so two weeks ago, I ran 5 miles and then went swimming for half an hour, then I went to spin class the next day, then to swim practice the next morning. By Wednesday I was out for the count and slept for like 14 hours. Lo and behold, I’ve been doing a bit too much. So, come January, I’m going to try this crap again and try to do it properly. So, I was writing Christmas cards (or holiday cards) and I was thinking that, other than my co-workers, these were friends that I knew for almost a decade or more and how lucky I am to have these friends to write cards to. However, I haven’t written Christmas cards or mailed them since my 20s. I remember when I was younger, writing cards was no big deal. I’m going to do them this year and be the good ol’ friend I used to be. I’m a good ol’ friend, right? Well, I write in them, seal them (and the bf stamped them with our address with glee, having a new address stamp thingy)…then my hand was tired. Then I found I had to look up addresses. Then you’ll never believe what else I had to do. I then had to WRITE these addresses? Then buy postage? Then mail them? This is a lot of work! Like, this didn’t seem like work before, but now, all these little thingies I need to do to seem thoughtful and awesome is already tiring. The only cards I have given out are to my coworkers. I went through all this effort to write personalized messages and….they read it in 2 seconds. Sigh. I should just sign all cards “you know you love/like/adore me and stuff” but I can’t bring myself to not write something other than a signature. So yeah. I haven’t mailed anything yet. But I cannot put effort for writing (and trying to be funny and/or witty and/or thoughtful) to waste! Oh well, perhaps I’ll seem like a rebel if people receive them after January 1st. Or late. Like I am for everything. (Well, I’m late because my boyfriend is a dilly-dallier and takes forever for everything. Before him, I was very punctual) Happy after Christmas before New Year’s everyone!


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