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I got laid off

So I got laid off which blows hardcore. Today is day two of being unemployed and I pretty much am figuring out what to do.

Luckily my bf did not get affected. But I feel nothing but anger and sadness. I like to compare it to an abusive boyfriend who I had been meaning to breakup with but you know, he pays my bills and my healthcare and he’s not that bad—he just doesn’t appreciate me. Then abusive boyfriend breaks up with me and I’m mad at myself that I should’ve seen it sooner and broke up with him first! BAAAH.

After the first 24 hours, the anger actually gives me a good sense of humour about it. My bf was talking to me (he is ANGRY. you’d think he was laid off!) and I was like “oh, have fun with your employed friends”. I said it in an affectionate manner but you know, now I’m seeing the world as unemployed and employed.

what an eye opener.

I also don’t feel as bad as lay-offs are happening all over the country really. If that makes sense.

I’m thinking of doing something completely different though. Something more self-satisfying. Something that doesn’t mean I have to touch a network switch again and explain ethernet protocols to custommers. My job was hard and challenging but I never did feel…GOOD, you know? Like, what did I do? I read instructions and tried to look smart and get this news broadcast up and running.

Anyway, I’m staying my apartment until the 15th but this apartment is too expensive to really live in. I got some severance for awhile and LUCKILY i JUST freaking paid off my credit card bills. Talk about TIMING!!

So I’ll probably be here for awhile writing journal entries because of this extra time.

I should really do laundry and clean out my room and maybe i will. maybe i won’t.

I answer to no-one and in a way, I kind of like that.

p.s. if you want to send an email or note, no “I’m so sorry for you” emails please. Angry emails are accepted though 🙂