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dungeons and dragons or dragonheart??

So I’m in Boston, or actually, Tewksbury, Mass this week taking a very boring class. It’s about bytes and bits and network type storage..BORE-ING.

Anyway, I get back to my hotel to take a nappy nap and I turn the television to HBO [I do not have HBO at home, so I find it as a perk when travelling] and there’s Jeremy Irons talking about stuff. So I think…”Planet of the Apes?” [haven’t seen that movie]. Then there’s this blonde kid [is it blond or blonde?] who is talking to Jeremy Irons and I don’t think there are any apes…then a dragon shows up…so I think, Dungeons and Dragons?

I see no Dungeons nor do I know what Dungeons and Dragons are really about. Then the blonde kid rides on the dragon…so perhaps it’s Dragonheart {is that even a movie? I think I made that up} but then the dragon starts talking to the kid but the dragon’s lips aren’t moving! And his eyes turn all dragony.

I am so very confused.

I think it’s actually Eragon…cause the blonde girl just said “Eragon, you shouldn’t have come, leave me here”. I love those cliche lines as much as I hate them. They make for good comedy fodder when the time is right.

Anyway,I can’t believe somebody financed this film and that I don’t have the power to change it but the Biggest Loser [yes, I watch the Biggest Loser…while I work out actually] doesn’t come on until 8pm or 9pm…one of those hours, so I’m stuck with this.

To add more insult to injury, I downloaded a Britney Spears song called “toy soldier”…dude, I could run on that song for miles it’s so damn catchy.

You lost all respect for me, haven’t you? HAVEN’T YOU?!?!?!?!

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Where in the world is Missoula, Montana?

So I had a gig in Missoula, Montana out of all places. I had never been to Montana nor had I even heard of Missoula but apparently we were 10 minutes away from Idaho or Iowa. It was an “I” state [sorry, i suck at geography, I just knew Canada was north]. The most interesting thing about the trip was the restaurant I went to, something called Lolo Steakhouse or something. I think Lolo means grandfather in tagalog [my parents native language] but that’s about it.

Montana is a big hunting state, so there were dead animal heads all over the restaurant and I was tempted to take pictures but my phone ran out of batteries and I left my Charger in Seattle.

Montana has a bunch of tiny like TINY casinos. For those of you from the San Diego area, these casinos are like the size of a Oscar’s [oops, pat and oscar’s] store. That is tiny but I guess, what else can you do in Montana? Hunt and gamble, i guess.

Now I want some steak now that I mention it.

I was in 3 time zones last week and it screwed up my sleeping schedule. In Seattle, I was waking up at 5 in the morning. In Montana, 7 in the morning, back in New York, I woke up at 9am….but this is bad because I had to be onsite at 9am..oops. But I fixed their problem and was out of there at noon, so the customer bought me lunch at Junior’s Cheesecake Restaurant thingy.

Oh, btw, I got 2 autographed books from Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer [if you don’t know, he has a show that I got addicted to 2 years ago, called “Dog Whisperer” on National Geographic Channel]. I teased him a bit when he signed my book and my sister was like “holy shit, you just joked with Cesar Millan!!”

My sister loves that guy because she is a dog trainer and groomer, so it was like I was talking to my equivalent of…I guess David Duchovny maybe?

Speaking of which, my sister’s dog is the most behaved dog ever. My favorite game she showed me, is called Sparta. She tells Addy [short for Addison] to go to her Kennel…then my sister’s boyfriend says “FIGHT!!” and Addy runs out of the kennel and growls and pillow fights with my sister until my sister says ‘ok, i’m done’….and she runs back into the kennel.

It was awesome and pretty damned funny. Addy NEVER growls except for Sparta.

And I went to Pike Place! I had the biggest lobster ever. It was as big as my head and called “Australian Rock Lobster Tail”. It cost me 90 bucks. I could not finish it.

Ok, that’s it for now. I just bought Project Runway 4, and they’re extended episodes, so I must be off and watch my dvds for 18 bazillion hours.

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Finally, a movie I looking forward to with some obsession. This is the geekiest I pretty much get about a franchise.

Yes, folks, X-files movie [sequel] is being shot in December and released next year in the summer. X-Files is one of my all-time favorite shows next to Sex and the City and Six Feet Under.

WOOOOOOOOOOO. [Too lazy to make it hyperlink pretty, sorry]

I wonder if I would be geeky enough to wait out of the theater in a costume? Perhaps a Gillian Anderson costume?

I wonder what happened to Gillian Anderson anyway? I think she moved to Europe?

I’m flying to Seattle tomorrow to see the Dog Whisperer with my sister! YAY!! I love that guy.