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Fourth of July epilogue

So, it turns out, I DIDN’T spend 4th of July alone! Yippy-ki-yay muthafucka. =)

I ended spending it a guy who I’ve been spending a lot of time with. Luckily, he got out of work around 8ish [yep, he was working at a TV station on 4th of July…it must be done] and we decided to go to Coney Island!

After some rum drinks, a ride on the Cyclone and a yucky trip to a public bathroom, we ended up sitting on a bench by the beach, talking for a few hours.

I feel like I’m in high school again, like a little giddy high school girl….except my high school experience is much nicer NOW. heh.

I DID do my detective marathon, during the daytime, so I got everything accomplished.

We’re going to Mass this weekend for a big BBQ and then we’re going to Maine.

Isn’t it nice when you’re all giddy about a new person? [i’m so lame]


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4th of july stuff

So tomorrow is 4th of July.

I was thinking of coming up to Boston for the holiday but decided against it. I have no car and not a ton of money. Furthermore, the person i would probably be spending with — he’s rather angry at me right now and am probably the last person he would want to see anyway. Oh well.

I guess a part of me thinks —i should’ve started our fight AFTER 4th of July but you know what, i better start getting used to holidays by myself anyway. I usually put things off [i.e. having a conversation about what is going on with us, i guess] until after a holiday but its like this : ok after thanksgiving. ok after christmas, ok after new year’s….now i’m up to 4th of july and then after that is my birthday and then after that…i guess i could’ve done august? but sheesh!!].

Anyway, so I’m going to have a “detective marathon”. This means I will be watching Season 5 of Monk all day tomorrow. Hooray!

I hate spending holidays by myself, but it must be done.