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strongbad podcasts!

So i’m at the chicago o’hare airport on a 3 hour layover. Had a job in bloomington, which had badass houses [and mad cheap] but in the middle of freaking nowhere.

we started [me and my coworker] a tab at the bar and now i’m a little toasty. he has left since then for MA and I’m waiting for my flight to NYC.

I found out last night that there were podcasts for strongbad emails. holycrap. that’ll entertain me for like an hour. then a trashy gossip magazine about britney or bragelina, then i’m probably going to hit that new series “the riches” with my fave, eddie izzard. i fell in love with him in london as he was highly recommended by my uncle harry.

my uncle harry passed away last month from cancer. i’m still in shock about that.

um, anyway, that wasn’t the point, the point was i am happy aobout little things like strongbad poddcasts and free wi-fi at airports.

and being drunk while posting. oh, excuse me, toasty.

i’m all overtheplace.