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back from maryland

I’m exhausted.

Frequent flying does not fare well for my skin. My face is like a potato [or in the quayle days ‘potatoe’] and my hair needs a dye job because it looks like I dyed. Perhaps I’ll pull a Britney spears and get a bob with 6 hour color or something.

I flew into Maryland this morning [leaving boston at 6am]. I was working in a building that is across the street from the Discovery Channel Headquarters! That was interesting..they had a skeleton of a Tyrannasaurus Rex, a mouse trap type of device, and a shrine to Lance Armstrong all in their lobby.

It was also odd because you walk one block to the left [I was in Silver Spring, MD] and it was like, the projects..underdeveloped and old. You walk one block to the right [i.e. where Discovery Channel was]…it was like walking on a movie set…everything was new and pretty and mall-like. Actually, I think it was a mall I walked into. I ate at a Thai food place. yum yum.

Anyway, I think that’s odd about the difference of a block. And Maryland has 3 airports. What the heezy. Must be all those politicians.

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to get new hair or cut off the old one or something. Perhaps I’ll copy my sister. She has good hair.

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The beginning of a frequent flier


So, the last time I typed in here, I was having a rough rough summer. It took a hell of a long time to get over a lot of shit…but I got over it and I’m STILL HERE BITCHES!

Anyway, tons have happened since then. I got another promotion at work. With this promotion, I now travel for work and no longer have the usual 40 hour week. I have either a 10 hour week or an 80 hour week depending. Anyway, I decided to reinvigorate my livejournal and start putting in entries when I’m in a new state.

…Oh, to note, this is a “promotional transfer”…which means, I still work for the same company but I now report to a different office and different people. I’m still under the same “umbrella” of services, but I now do live services instead of over the phone services..this also means that I get to move back to New York! So New York, as soon as I have a moment, I”m coming back goddammit…back to my regular entry…

Today I’m in Alburquerque, New Mexico and will be here until Saturday. This is my first “gig” and am now privy to a lot of mistakes:

*I am inadvertently quitting smoking. I always wanted to but I simply don’t have time to smoke a butt. I’ve smoked like 5 cigarettes since last Friday.

*I forgot my comb. I now look like a hobo who really really has dark roots [umm. dye job emergency anyone?]

*I need to buy a screwdriver and a flashlight. Using my cell phone is not cutting it [as a screwdriver or a flashlight. I tried using a business card as a screwdriver today. I have no idea why]

*I get a new laptop! Thanks to the genorosity [sp?] of my roommate, this transmission is brought to you by him and by viewers like you. I owe him a paint job or a really good dinner…or both.

*I’ve been in three states in the past 48 hours [california, massachusetts, new mexico]. I have no idea what day or what time or what time ZONE I’m in.

*New Mexico is a land locked state. That is Crazy. What do they do instead of beaches? It’s all desert here. Sand surfing?

*I could be quite possible the shortest person here. Everyone is Native American and about 7 feet tall.

*I ate church’s chicken today. I miss church’s chicken. damn you massachusetts.

*my sleeping pattern is all fucked up. I used to sleep for 8 or 9 I sleep 4 or 5. But that’s because I do stupid shit like watch my DVR shows or play spider solitaire or type lame livejournal entries instead of sleeping at a reasonable hour.

*I left my camera in california. My friend will be bringing it back but I miss my camera.

*Coffee is starting to look tempting….hmm.

Ok, hopefully I’ll be done with the gig tomorrow before 5pm so I can check out Santa Fe…and sing “do you know the way to santa fe…lalalalalalallalalala”

Next time in Sharon’s livejournal:
–sharon buys a firewire drive and a flashlight!
–Sharon tries a steamed artichoke!
–Sharon flies out to Orlando!

FIN..for now..