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fat feet

I wonder…can you have fat feet?

I bought these socks according to my foot size [i wear size 8 shoes, big for a girl, i think] and they keep falling and pulling them up all day is a pain in the ass.

If i had some extra poundage, would this not be a problem? hmmm.

I used to write in this lj everyday and was inspired to write. For some reason I’ve been lazy although majority of the time, my head is running with tons of thoughts…like, can i have fat feet. Having “wide length” feet…is that fat?

anyway, since i have a mind that’s always thinking, i always have to put in a dvd at night to play some sort of dialogue in the background because it’s a distraction for my mind and i can finally fall asleep. having silence, ugh, i can’t stand it. i had a bad habit of falling asleep on the couch when i lived with my parents because of the soothing sound of “friends”. However, I MUST watch something i watched before, because if it’s something new, I’ll wake up and wonder what happened [i’ve done that once when i was sleeping with my-then boyfriend. we were watching Monk, and as I was falling asleep, I heard something that i hadn’t heard before from an episode and woke up and was like “what?”…this woke up my then boyfriend who said “what? what happened?”

He told me later that it was kind of interesting because I’m SO in love with television and film that I need to know what happens and am interested in all facets. i can’t help it..i find it to be an artform.

anyway, time for me to put in The West Wing and fall asleep to it because I’m on a political kick lately.

Oh, and Lost….goddamn, i love that show. thank god for dvr. Best invention or WHAT?!

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my affair with the daily show guy

i had a dream last night that i had an affair with jon stewart. man, it was awesome. too bad he’s married and has a kid. but, i forget how we hooked up. but somehow we ended up in bed together and i felt so happy. and here’s the weird thing. the dream was imaginary but the feelings were real. and even then, i knew i couldn’t be truly truly happy because i knew there would be a hitch.

i always feel that way about my life. i can never be really truly happy because there’s always going to be a hitch and i just can’t let myself go completely.

but it’s nice, to literally, dream. isn’t it?

i wonder if this is a result of my addiction to the daily show.

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if i had the tools

I like that term “a kick in the tools”, even though I really don’t have any tools.

Which made me wonder, if I were to have tools of the male persuasion, would i play with myself all day? would i try to put my juice all over the place? how would i walk? would my self confidence decrease or increase due to the size?

yeah, all this line of thinking cause a girlfriend of mine said she got in the kick in the tools. [the imaginary ones, i guess]