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ode to roommate and “i’m your private dancer”

When it says “Do you know you can easily add a photo?” and I try to and it’s not that easy.

Those liars.

Anyway, what was I going to say? Oh, so I am trying this low carbohydrate/high protein diet. I don’t think it’s going well. Not that I’m craving carbs like a mofo but I’m bored. If I don’t like it by the end of this week or it the suckage factor is high, then I”m going back to counting calories [what I was doing before] instead of counting carbs. At least when I was counting calories, I could technically eat whatever I wanted but just had to watch the portion amount.

Enough of that girly stuff.

I wanted to do an ode to my roommate. I have to tell you guys, my roommate is pretty awesome. Quite possibly the best roommate I’ve had and I’ve had a LOT of roommates.

Ode to my roommate [let’s see if i can make this rhyme]

I’m your private dancer
dancer for money, any old musiā€¦.


wrong ode. [no, seriously, i just downloaded that song because I had it in my head. damn, it’s so catchy]

ok, let me retry

Ode to my roommate

roommate, oh, roommate
you don’t mind that i come home late
you don’t let the trash overflow
you don’t have a 24/7 mate

dear roommate, you are so neat
and i mean in a ‘neato’ type of way
you also don’t mind that i eat a lot of meat
we have the same goals in life, which makes me say ‘yay!’

roommate, oh, roommate,
what i like best is that you don’t judge
you have a great work ethic that i admire
but you also help me out when i fudge

roommate, i just want to say
i have never seen an empty toilet roll
a nice added bonus is that you are my friend
and understand when life takes it’s toll
on me.

ok, that last line was lame. But this is to my roommate. Thanks dude. You absolutely rock and I hope this shows how much I appreciate you. Yay for clean, respectable, responsible yet fun roommates!

and I am so addicted to that private dancer song. You know when you’re getting old when you’re listening to old 80s tina turner tunes instead of checking the new ashley olsen or simpson [who is it?] song.

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I bought this new car freshener thing and it is called “white sand” or something. Something supposedly reminiscent of the ocean or beach.

but in all honesty, it just smells like a man’s cologne. So when I go in my car, it smells man-like. Is that good or bad? Does that give the impression that I just have hot men in my car all the time or that I’m a manly person?