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dude and other duderiffic stuff and disappointment central

so i never got the crepes [in case you were wondering from my last entry of 8 bazillion years ago].

my mind is scattered all over the abyss of life. yeah, that made NO sense. i guess my dreams of being an author have been smashed.

well, my mind is scattered and it’s affecting my social life, as in, i have been disappointment central to a bunch of people. part of me feels bad but another part of me feels, goddammit, i got other things to do and i try as i may but things and annoyances and doctors come up.

I was to have read 2 scripts. Yeah, i STARTED both of them but finished neither. Unfinished emails. Unreturned calls. I was coaxed into coming to New York city in a particular time frame and then persuaded to do some video projects and lose weight and move all in the same breath. the lose weight thing is more of my thing though. my sister is in town. my best friend’s birthday. a holiday. work raises and “stepping up” and such. the disappointment of not going to a conference. trying to make it in rhode island and a museum. bills to be paid. dvrs to be set. [thank GOD for the fucking dvr] a house-warming party that took ALL freaking day to prepare and emptied my bank account.

obviously, all stream of consciousness right now, as i speak. my head is spinning. my good nature is still there but the distraction factor is high.

basically, to all you people out there. i apologize for my distractedness, my broken promises and my unreturned emails and phone calls. i need a freaking secretary.

so, here’s my life in a nutshell:

–new apartment, new awesome roommate [i will write an ode to him in a future entry]
–i still love boys but am crush proof
–my favorite sister came into town for half a week. she came up with a top five list which will be in a locked entry to protect the guilty.
–new couches
–my friend and future bridesmaid Gina and her husband Ariel was in New York. Unfortunately with the party, the sister and the preparation and lack of sleep, i missed her in the short time frame. GODDAMMIT!
–my best friend’s birthday extravaganze [oh yes, it will be an extravaganze]
–beer pub crawling and ego defeat of citgo and friend
–oooh, new haircut and dye from the recommendation of termofart [i forgot to tell you. i’m looking pretty fucking hot]
–anger at work and management over ….STUFF!! [in a future entry as well]
–maid of honor duties for upcoming wedding
–asked to oversee a marketing video to be shown at the biggest conference my company attends
–and asked to teach 4 classes this year about film.
–finishing of an olympics event [and being the capn’ of said team]
–wedding in london. jesus people. i’m broke here.
–wedding in hawaii. please see above.
–my new love, the dvr, to watch the following shows:
–the daily show
–celebrity fit club
–project runway

oh, and from my sister’s visit, i gots me a digital camera and a guitar. i will learn “puff the magic dragon” as my friend Jeff will sing said song and we will perform the worse concert ever. you know you want to go.

so yeah, spinning and spinning and spinning. i need some me time, seriously. i don’t know which i like better…too busy or not busy enough. hmmmm.

in my next entry….

ode to my roommate.

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crepes, crepes, crepes

I’m watching my daily show dvr [as i have it recorded daily] and there is this french author.

and now after watching this french man [who is not familiar with american humor], i am totally craving crepes. i haven’t had crepes since 2001.

are there crepes in massachusetts? god, what i would do for a crepe right now.