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So i hit my 20 mark…damn! that means i have finally lost 20 pounds. I was at 18 pounds for a couple of weeks.

However, in order that I don’t get bored, I decided to actually use all these workout vhs tapes I’ve bought but never played. This particular one that I’m trying is called “the firm” and it says in 10 workouts i will see results! we’ll see about that…i’m keeping track of that crap.

anyway, so there are 3 vhs tapes…one for strength training [which i did the other night and man, it’s painful to use the bathroom because of all those goddamned squats i did] one for abs…and one for cardio. And DUDE, the tape for cardio…the woman has a RACK! i can’t stop staring at it and wonder if she had them done or if i should have my own done or what kind of bra company she uses.

and here’s the thing. i never really paid much attention to my chest cause i never had any complaints about it and then i found myself comparing myself to her. and i wonder…is this what skinny girls do? do they look at me and wonder what it’s like to have a chest…when the same time i look at them i wonder what it’s like to have abs?

seems so psych 101.

oh and my 60 gig ipod shit the bed so i, stupidly, didn’t backup my files and have to reimport all this music. damn you ipod.

oh and now they sell tv shows. this is awful for somebody like me who will probably buy any episode available. why is apple so evil and ingenious at the same time?? i’m trying to NOT watch lost season 2…i’ve missed too many episodes.

ok, i’m going to import country music now.

don’t worry it’s GOOD country [or so it says on the cd]


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