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i just want to sleep….

kill me. kill me now.

i had a long weekend in new york and it was awesome. i drove home and picked up, horror of horrors…chicken mcnuggets.

by the time i got home, i was feeling a bit nauseous and was tossing and turning. then i puked.

i puked all night long. at first, i thought it was my body rejecting mcdonald’s and/or it was food poisoning…but then after i puked everything out of my system, i was STILL puking.


so, i think i have the stomach flu. this is rather disappointing because i have the day off from work and instead of spending it hanging out and relaxin’ [or as those trendy kids call it…chillaxin’]…i spend it puking.

damn you stomach flu.

hmmm. i wonder if this is how anorexic people feel?

doubly hmmm….damn you connecticut mcdonald’s.

dear god, kill me.

i have to go puke again.

excuse me.

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my loser weekend

Movies I watched this weekend because I have no money nor people to hang out with [because of other activities or significant others].

*The Incredibles
*Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
*Hear No Evil, See No Evil
*Taking Lives
*Howard’s End [actually, I only watched half, I wasn’t THAT bored]
*Spiderman 2
*Joy Luck Club [dude, this movie had me BAWLING]
*Ocean’s 12

Thank you ON DEMAND!

P.S. I also did watch Zathura [aka Jumanji in outer space] with Brendan. That was fun. That and Dax Shepherd is HOT!

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whine whine whine

hm. i just noticed…there’s like weird new menus. i guess lj has turned into friendspacester.

i’m in a bitter mood today…which actually might be a good thing. i’m frustrated with my place of occupation…and then it just occurred to me. i don’t have a future here.

hence, i must get out.

doubly hence, i need to work my ass of to get out.

i do have a plan in store which will probably be revealed in a secret private entry that only friends can read…wooooo hoooo.

in other news, i was driving today and i had a weird thought.

did i imagine my childhood?

i mean, i look at these that really me? are those really my memories? did i really end up this way? sometimes i think i imagined it all because i don’t really have evidence other than photographs [which, most of the time, i can’t believe that is what i look like everyday. is that what people see? sheesh] and even then, i don’t know.

i’m in an odd mood.

regardless, im stuck and i need to get unstuck.

i’m going to go write a script now that will make me rich and famour and make you want to ride on my coattails one day.

p.s. i’m going to new york next week. new yorkers who read this, we need to hang yo.

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the weekends in boxers

..because i prefer boxers over brief(s). Okay, that was lame.


so i went to another dress-up halloween thing this year. I was a brokeass, so i stole a uniform at work [we were a creepy hospital ward, wherein we did a shadow show were i was being operated on. we got 3rd place, goddammit] which was the most boringest costume on earth—a surgeon. I dragged my friend brendan with me, who was a clark kent hiding as superman. my roommate, though, thought he was a vampirisih businessman…which i think is a cooler costumer but alas.

So, we go to this party and i pretty much know more than half the people there. i got to see some old jiu jitsu folks which i really miss a bunch [yay! jiu jitsu!] and my old roommates. As soon as I enter, i’m offered a wine bottle. cause this is me:

–beer…i get tipsy but full. so i’m never too drunk
–hard liquor…i get loud and giggly
–wine…i get fucking belligerent.

so to make this a little more interesting, brendan and I play wine pong with the longstanding winners. we beat their asses to a pulp. although brendan, after seeing me down the wine and get more and more incapable of keeping my balance, says “i think this is a bad idea.”

and i say

“You’re a fucking pussy! you pussy!!” Then he helped win a game, so i forgave his pussiness.

Anyway, we went up against a very hard team, team discovery channel, and we beat them but…i had been nursing my beer and it had built up. Kevin yelled at me for not finishing my beer making him the default winner. However, to show him up, i downed the whole thing [at this point, i’ve had about a bottle and a half of wine] spilling it all over my shirt [making it look like i was a real fucking surgeon], said he was a pussy…then stumbled down the hall, kicked out kerbang aka john from the bathroom or i would hurl on him.

then i threw up. it was awesome.

Consequently, I was awarded two awards:

Best Party Foul – Anniewaits spilling red wine on the floor. Totally saw it coming, totally classic. Reminded me of old times.

Man Down Award – Anniewaits was spotted in “man down” mode on the downstairs couch. This was followed by Kerbang, but he was sick.

you can read the entire entry here yo

but basically, i am the winner of being the person who a) spilled alcohol and b) passed out from alcohol. god, i’m fucking lame.

so, i was offered another job outside of my current company in new york. god it was hard to turn down as it was offering pretty much twice my salary. however, they wanted me to quit NOW and move NOW….and my time isn’t up with massachusetts just yet. don’t get me wrong, if it were an offer to direct a film or edit a feature or do a PA job for Lost or something, i’d drop everything in a heartbeat. but it was like my current job but amplified…and i really didn’t want that.

however, everyone in my company is moving up and stuff and now i’m a bit frustrated. i should start doing something productive….like, i don’t know write scripts instead of livejournal entries. meh. i have a work rut right now. i’ll thinkof something.

So, my friend John, whose opinion I really respect, had lunch with me about a week ago or so. We have similar tastes in television and says “Dude, you totally have to watch LOST…it’s better than 24”. What? Better than 24? you have to be kidding me. how can anything be that addicting? Then he invited me to a Lost party…as Casa de Malden had been netflixing the entire show and they got the final 2 dvds. I missed the Lost party as I already had previous plans but I got so curious [and after reading a note that gumphood left me about Lost] that I bought the first season on a whim.

and holy shitballs. There are 24 episodes…about an hour each. I spent my entire saturday and sunday of that particular weekend watching it back to back to back to back. it’s so GOOD!! AHHHH. I was watching it in my room and i would scream intermittently and my roommate would say ‘sharon, are you ok?’ and i would reply ‘goddammit locke!!! ahhhhhhh…yes, please leave me be with my addiction.”

After i finished the season, i felt empty inside. Must have more..must have more. This is why shows that are finished are great, i.e. sex and the city, because there are always more seasons….Lost is currently on its fifth episode in season 2…so i can’t buy the damn show to catch up! I thought about the possibility of avoiding the season until the dvds came out.

but alas, i must have more. i must know what was in the hatch.

I ranted and raved at work…AND…my friend Brian surprises me one day…he says ‘i have a surprise for you. it’s about the hatch. go look on your computer’ He had downloaded the episode from his computer and then networked my computer with his so i could watch episode 1 of season 2 of lost. holy shitballs.

since then, my friend kate has been taping the episodes for me. so thus far, i have seen every episode of season 2 except for episode 2 and 4. [so i’ve seen 1, 3 and 5].

regardless, i am so addicted that i was contemplating of buying a video ipod [and i was very anti-ipod for awhile. damn ipods] so i could buy the episodes i missed and watch it at work. but its 4 bones so…do i REALLY want to buy

furthermore, to add to the addiction. kate had taped an episode for me and left it at my desk. i forgot it at work…went home …then as soon as i get to my street at 1:45am in the morning…I remember. FUCK! I left my lost episode at work! so i flip a bitch [this means, in california speak, i made a u-turn] and go straight back to work. I did not get home until 3am.

all to get a goddamned lost episode.

okay, i guess this wasn’t brief at all.

i end this now.

for now.


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ooh, i love it when my talented friends [my girl best friend from college] are fucking awesome.

my friend angela put some songs up on myspace and she is rocking. i MIGHT be biased though cause she knows i have a tendency to be a sucka for piano…uh, rock i guess [read: ben folds, self, eels, joe jackson, billy joel, elton john…etc etc ad infinitum]

if you want to listen, she’s on my myspace page. [my myspace page? sounds like i have a stutter]

oh, and i bought new lotion. it has these h20 capsules. i’m not sure what it’s supposed to do, i guess explode in a fit of moisturization or something. i sorta want eat it.

does make me a sick bastard?

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ten to one on a lazy saturday night

10 to 1

10 Favorites…
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Food: chicken
Favorite Band: ben folds
Favorite Movie: when harry met sally
Favorite Sport: baseball
Favorite Season: autumn
Favorite Day Of the Week: friday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: mint cookies and cream

9 Currents…
Current Mood: contemplative
Current Taste: diet pepsi
Current Clothes: shelf bra tanktop and pajama pants
Current Computer: Compaq Presario 2100
Current Finger/Toenail Color: clear base colour
Current Time: 10:55 p.m.
Current Surroundings: bedroom
Current Annoyance(s): people who don’t follow through with plans or phone calls
Current Thought: man, i’m a fatass [i hope this dvd is good]

8 Firsts…
First Best Friend: Jirrah Cabrales
First Screen Name: elerigby18
First Pet: big white dog
First Piercing: ears
First Crush: duane a.
First Music: The Beatles
First time you flew in a plane: when i was 4.

7 Lasts
Last Cigarette: like 2 hours ago
Last Drink: diet pepsi
Last Car ride: like 2 hours ago
Last Text Message: Steve
Last Movie Seen: Revenge of the Sith [got a bargain price on it at gamestop!]
Last Phone call: Steve
Last CD Played: mixed cd…the last cd made when i made in new york.

6 Have You Ever….
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: yeah
Have You Ever Broken the Law: yeah
Have You Ever Been Arrested: getting your car towed by the policeman count? no? then no.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: if you count the bathtub
Have You Ever Been on TV: yeah. on hbo. i didn’t tell anybody but i still get emails or phone calls about it every now and then.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: well, i was drunk…

5 Things….
You Did Last Night:

  1. tried candle pin bowling
  2. drank an amaretto sour
  3. drank beer
  4. drove my best friend
  5. played spider solitaire

4 Places You’ve Been Last…

  1. work [i had to use the bathroom, it was on the way]
  2. cambridge
  3. chinese food place
  4. my bed

3 People You Can Tell Anything…

  1. jasmine
  2. jirrah
  3. tyler

2 Choices…

  1. kiss him
  2. or don’t kiss him…duh. [what should i say? work or no work?]

1 last song
sometimes when we touch by rod stewart [i know, i’m a loser]

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a sports entry. nobody will read this.

First off:


I like sports. Let me rephrase, I like sports where I understand the strategy.

I like baseball because you got a bunch of psychological things that the teams are doing to fuck with each other. They expect me to hit the ball over THERE. Closers and setup guys throwing up or sweating balls because they don’t know what to pitch to THIS guy. The batter figuring out if he should lay off because the guy is going to throw THAT pitch or if he should go for the gusto. The players in the outfield shifting because this guy up to bat is notorious for hitting deep in the left field.

I like football because, again, it’s trying to figure out what the other team is trying to do. Are they going to run the ball? Is he going to throw to that guy? Should they do zone coverage or man on man coverage?

Basketball and Hockey…I don’t get. All I see is them running around. I think of it as an endurance thing and a hand-eye coordination thing. I’m sure there is strategy in there SOMEWHERE, but as long as I don’t understand it, I don’t like it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a fanatic where I’ve memorized every statistic or every player on every team, I know just enough to get by and to get excited or frustrated to watch what the teams I like are doing. I know why I hate particular teams.

I wanted to give this precursor so when I talk about Theo Epstein leaving the Red Sox, I don’t want people saying “what do you care? you don’t like sports”. A common misconception because i have a vagina and a pair of tits. I want to make it clear, don’t generalize girls not liking sports…especially in Boston. I’m a fake Boston fan though because I didn’t grow up with the sox nor the pats…i grew up with the chargers and the padres—which basically means, I really didn’t grow up with sports.

It’s a strange feeling actually–to live in a town where people live and breathe sports. Especially when you come from a town that most people have pretty much have given up or have perfect weather and skin as a distraction. In Boston, it’s fucking cold and miserable most of the year, so they have sports as their solace.

I think it’s great because, if you’re like me, it’s a like watching a mystery unfold in front of you and you have to think…what are they going to do? how are they going to get out of this shit? Whereas in San Diego, it’s like “yeah, we lost. let’s go eat tofu and surf”—again, another generalization, but it was always kind of odd, when i went to baseball games and I would start screaming and foaming at the mouth and my friends would be “dude, calm down, it’s just a game.” and here, in boston, it’s ACCEPTED! In fact, they’re crazier than me. I feel like I’m the resident californian thinking “dude, calm down.”

So anyway, the GM, Theo Epstein, who, i might add, i have a HUGE crush on as in a) he’s young b) from interviews, he doesn’t seem to be suffering from an ego attack c) you can tell he loves baseball d) he’s from yale and smart! and e) he made a crazy ass move of trading nomar [which, i can tell from moving here, was a hometown hero] for a few players who were key to the world series championship. Him leaving makes me sad.

Additionally, Theo was in San Diego. Lucchino [old owner of the Padres when they had probably their worst season ever] and I think it was Werner? One of the owners used to own the Padres and then publicly apologized for our team sucking hardcore. Yikes. Padres are much more likeable this year to the new ownership and I kind of like the young GM bond. Rumor has it, that the GMs of Red Sox and Padres have an exclusive club, the under 30 GM club. So…in a way, I felt Theo was like my link to San Diego. That when I’m rooting for the Red Sox, I’m actually kind of rooting for San Diego. I’m crazy, right?

So now that Theo is gone, I’m not sure whom I have to look at for the comfortable link. I love Varitek [he’s my favorite] but, he’s forever boston [which i respect] and would probably be boston until he retires. And as I’m sure, this winter when the trades and deals start striking up, I’ll look at the new team and be like “who the fuck are all these people?”. Now that Theo is gone, I’m not going to trust the new players and it’s going to take a bit for me to grow back into the Red Sox.

I’m rambling. I wonder what Theo is going to do?

oh, and has anyone got that new bill simmons book? I’m tempted to get it but I got an Agatha Christie mystery instead and a Sylvia Plath poetry book [The Colussus, if you’re curious]

Hmmmm. ok, enough sports talk. I obviously have too much time on my hands.

I shall talk about halloween in my next entry which will be a little more exciting than my redsox sports lament.

p.s. if you DO like sports, check out my friends sports blog,