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da vinci code and movie talk

oh yeah, i forgot. finally finished The Da Vinci Code..which my sister and my friend Wilbur highly recommended [wilbur: “i canNOT believe you haven’t read it yet. it has your name all over it.”].

now i am sad. i read a few chapters every night [since each chapter is like a page long] and i had become buddies with robert langdon and his cryptographer lady-friend. sigh. damn you good books for ending on me.

anyway, so i decided to take a gander on the trailer…and HOLY SHIT. can we say DREAM CAST ?!?!

i’m super excited about the movie now. I mean, fucking ian mckellan is in it…and so is that guy from “the professional” [or the french guy in mission impossible 2] AND fucking Alfred Molina!! i love that guy [read: doc ock in spiderman 2, the love interest of frida koehlo [i sooo spelled that wrong] in Frida, William H. Macy’s boss in Magnolia] sigh. The lead parts are going to Tom Hanks [not sure how I feel about him as the lead character just yet] and Audrey Tautou–miss excellent woman in Amelie. She apparently beat out a bunch of other people in the auditions.

ANYWAY, it’s being directed by Ron Howard, whom, is rather talented, not one of my favorite directors but i know i’ll have a good time with him.

by the way…i saw flight plan. dude, i wanted to slit my wrists, i hated that movie. the pothead kid from Garden State was in it though, which was interesting.

somebody asked me how i keep remembering editors, producers, directors and actors and their work.

well…i don’t know. i pay attention to the credits people and i DID study film, y’know. and I DO have the longest shift to man. but also….what else do i have to do? I can’t remember authors for the life of me or the capital of cities or presidents.

we all have our weak points and strong points. mine is memorizing credits. could be worse, i could’ve memorized the elements of the periodic table

[ok, i did memorize the elements of the periodic table…but only up to Tin. I don’t remember what’s after that except for molybdum but that’s because i like the way it sounds]

Da Vinci Code! Finally!! a movie to look forward too

[i’m so buying angels and demons this weekend]


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