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i want to be evil or a serial killer…

man, my life is pretty goddamned boring.

i watched 3 movies today…by myself cause none of my friends here really like watching movies. man, that kind of blows.

one of the movies i watched [and when i ordered my ticket the woman was like “one?” “yes, one, sheesh. how many of me are there?”] was called Mindhunters. Basically, I watched it because a) i was bored and b) i like serial killer movies.

when i was driving home, i was thinking…man, i should be a serial killer. I mean, who would REALLY suspect me? I’m nice, i’m asian, and i have bad eyesight. oh and i’m clumsy. nobody would ever suspect me. I think my method would be extrangulation [or bloodletting] know what that is? draining all the blood out of the body. yummy. i would come up with some fucked up ways to kill people.

i’ve decided, i want to be evil.

i want to be nina meyers evil. if you don’t watch 24….she’s the chick who became second in command of CTU and FUCKED everyone…including jack…and killed his wife. She fucking smart as hell and a ruthless killer.

all ruthless killers are guys. i want one where it’s a girl who uses her prowess [i have no sexual prowess so it would be ‘innocence’ prowess or ‘i’m ditzy and clumsy’ prowess] to kill everyone who ever crossed her.

yeah, that would be great.

i’m thinking of giving up film all together. i can’t write. i can’t direct. i don’t know why nyu thought i had any talent….did they think i had money? what were they thinking?

i’m thinking of bailing out of my current career and going back to school for my masters. i think i want to be a professor. i like teaching and i like intellectual conversations with people.

i’m looking into it. i want to go to oxford in london. i’m thinking, if i get in, i’m leaving massachusetts and moving to england. i’m thinking of chasing the film dream, i should’ve stayed in pre-med and kept it as a passionate hobby.

i wish more of my MA friends liked watching film. i get sad sometimes watching it by myself.


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