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i was passing through

talked to boy last night, had a good long talk and so on and so forth. i guess we’ll be okay. the whole “we’ll see what happens” type of deal.

in other news, i’m like one of those Sex in the City girls…averaging one boy a month. i was driving on 93 today and i burst out laughing like a madman because of the absurdity of it all. meh. what happens happens and at this point, it seems that a relationship is way overrated. might as well mess around for a bit until i figure out what i want.

found this in another journal that i was passing through on today.

  1. What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

wow. i’ve never been anything long enough for it to be romantic. i’ve never had anyone do anything grand, but that really doesn’t matter since it’s the tiny shit that fucking KILLS me. i suppose i can think of the top three almost romantic bits: 1. boy A calls me up and wants to do something…but we have no money. so he said, “let’s take a walk into the city.” and we walked all night through the city and took me to this place, at 3am, where you could see the world trade center, the empire state building, the chrysler building and some crazy triangle building. i remember the spot being right next to a big lion in front of the new york library [you can see said lion in ghostbusters]. he wanted to kiss me but i was too nervous, so he just held me in his arms. 2. i called up boy B wanting to smoke. thought was going to go to his place and do such activities. instead, he took me on top of this mountain thing around 10pm to overlook the city. he also did not kiss me because he did not know how i felt, but it was pretty romantic and we talked about my life in massachusetts thus far. 3. boy C…he once asked me what my “happy food” is and i said that he could never find it because there is no filipino restaurant facility in massachusetts. well, two days later, my friend samantha calls me up and says “hey, do you know a chicken and rice porridge recipe or something? I’m trying to find it” and I say “Wha…? Why?” and she said “Oh, boy C called me thi afternoon looking for the recipe.” That KILLED me. Alas, we broke up 2 days later due to unforeseeable circumstances. Wow, this made me sad. i have no romance.

  1. Who was your first love?
    Nobody. Haven’t fallen in love yet. Does that make me a sad sad woman?
  2. Chocolates, flowers, or something else?

I’m not a big fan of chocolate. I always dreamed of getting flowers at work so the woman across from me would be furious at such a gesture [heh]. However, what would kill me would be…hmmm…i don’t know. i guess it’s flowers, i can’t think of anything actually. i’m that boring.

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?

no way. i have never been attracted to uber good looking guys or whatnot. however, really funny sarcastic gys kill me but that’s not love, it’s adoration and being smitten.

  1. What do you have planned for this Valentine’s Day?
    i plead the fifth. actually, I have nothing planned but maybe the new boy will take care of that. otherwise, i’m watching sex in the city.

wow, this survey just showed how short-lived all my “relationships” have been. granted, i really haven’t had one but that is just my luck rather than me not being awesome.


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