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an attempt…not a promise

Phillip has won the hearts and minds of the roommates.

I lie. He only won the stomachs. He made some badass yellow chicken and rice which I haven’t had in FOREVER.

Here are things that girls commonly complain about in diaryland.

I’m fat
I like a boy–does he like me?
I hate my mom
I hate my dad
I love my friends
I hate my job
I wish I had a job
I’m depressed
I wish I were popular
There’s this girl–she’s a bitch
There’s this girl–she’s a whore
There’s this girl–I hate her…she’s trying to destroy me!
I can’t choose between two guys
I like using exclamation marks!!!
Guys only see me as a friend
I’m having sex with this guy, does he respect me?
I love my boyfriend sooooooo much
I hate my boyfriend sooooooo much

I try to avoid talking about the aforementioned.

But that’s an attempt not a promise. Sorry.


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