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some bird was on crack

So I wrote an entry and it was swallowed up by some internet gnomes. So I’m going to cheat and plagiarize myself from another diary i write on [sigh. having multiple diaries for my multiple personalities is getting hard on the fingers]:

There’s a security leak in my room.

Apparently, the night before [or that’s the alleged time], some bird was on crack and flew smack dab into my window and broke it. Now cold air can come rushing through in here.

I suppose it’s not too bad until I started thinking about ambitious rats.

What if, there was an ambitious rat who decides to climb on my side of the hizouse [pad] and decides to chew out my orifices or decides to nest in my armpit or something?

That sort of thing scares me.

In other news: Gumphood and Kevin are leaving/have left today. This makes me sad because Kevin and Gumphood have made attempts to include me on things. I found out Kev’s SN at work and IM him from time to time and whenever Gump is on a new planet, he always calls me in [i got to see Naboo, which was sort of cool] to check it out.

Further, i went on a dvd binge this past weekend and Gump was more than happy to watch these movies with me.

In other words, I’m afraid the other two roommates hate me.

Lisa is going through a lot of shit as of late and has been quiet and sort of withdrawn from me. This may or may not have anything to do with me. I suppose, it’s might be me because I haven’t been overly friendly or overly open with her. I feel that she needs some time to herself and to figure things out.

Well, that, am I’m a wimp. I can’t comfort people very well. I feel uncomfortable and my defense mechanism is to make them laugh. Also, if something bothers me, I’ll go on as if nothing has happened until asked or provoked. Otherwise, if nobody asks, nobody knows.

I sort of adopted this practice with clinton’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. I think it’s a good one.

Rumor has it that John is PISSED at me. Basically, one of the other roommates said “Oh great, when John comes back, him and Sharon are going to fight again….He is PISSED at her.”


So now, I’m going to be going home to two people potentially pissed at me [which ironically are the ones who were closest to me in the house]. This really sucks further because cute-guy came to my cube today and lent me his EVIL DEAD II tape. I really want to watch it.

but i am also scared and would like somebody else to watch it with me.

however, if both of the remaining roommates potentially hate me, then fuck, i’m fucked i guess.

in other news: I dyed my hair yesterday. something called “sangria” I didn’t tell anyone [because most of the people I correspond with are guys, and guys really don’t notice anything] but surprise surprise.

somebody did notice.

and that made me feel grand.


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