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my fat ass strikes again

I am officially a FATASS.

that is so awful awful awful. I tried on a pair of pants that fit quite comfortably and now they don’t fit quite so comfortably.


So i’m going on–you guessed it–a diet.

This diet will consist of a daily regime of Trimspa 34x, crystal meth and maybe some crack cocaine.

Sure, I’ll imagine some bugs trying to eat me alive, but goddamnit, won’t I look hot whilst going insane?

I am a loser btw. I spoke to this guy vis a vis IM [a guy from work]. He’s really nice to me on IM but mean to me at work. Further, he’s a lot more open to me online but at work, he like pushes me and doesn’t pay too much attention to me.

Now, what’s THAT about?

I figure, maybe he’s ashamed that he talks to me online or something. aw well. fuck that. I still think he’s cute.


ummm. what else? I broke up with the futon two nights ago. My bed was extremely jealous and to get back at me–refused for me to sleep well and gave me nightmares about driving and my roommates.

it’s sort of like an abusive husband…it’s bad for me and I know I could sleep on the couch–but I just keep coming back for more because that bed owns me and my room.


i’ve gotten so pathetic lately.


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