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Lisa + John = Ultimate Champions

The equation of the weekend: John + Sharon + third roommate = alcohol

In the past three days, John and I have successfully:

Night one: Taken Ready out to two bars and gotten drunk at Lisa’s bar from 5 or so amaretto sours.

Night two: Taken Risa out to Jillian’s [read: bar code], gotten our collective asses BEAT at pool by Risa. Drank 3 beers or so. Got drunk, went home, played video games.

Got my ass BEAT by John and his god-awful cocky self. At one point, [with the alcohol and such being a factor], he said “Here, I’ll let you have this battle” and I said “NO! YOU ASSHOLE!” Then he kept running at me with his character, trying to envoke [?] hostility to me. Of course, he upped the ante by yelling “yeah, come on, you wanna kiss me, you wanna kiss me” practically throwing Yunsung [his character] into my fragile wind character [Talim]. I hated him SOOOOO much. I think I still hate him now, I still have residual anger.

Night three: [yes, three nights in a row]: Gump, John and I went to Vikram’s and had beer upon beer upon beer. Luckily, I have the football great [Gump] and my square button prowess, Gump and I kicked Vikram’s and John’s ass on NFL Street Football stuff. We [as the Panthers and as the Colts] beat THEM [as the Patriots]. Luckily, that fate was not repeated in the Superbowl.

At this point, from John and mine’s excessive drinking this week, we were NOT drunk. Apparently, our tolerances have gone up significantly and getting drunk is a harder task to take on—which sucks because now I can’t be a cheap date. DAMNIT! Anyway, we have agreed, that we are in a dead heat for drinking the other under the table at this point. I think beer is useless and it will have to be hard liquor.

Best event of the Superbowl night:: Gump took an ice cube from his Sangria cup and threw it at Vikram while Vik was going to the bathroom.

Hit a girl in a blue sweater instead. She came up to Gump and admonished him.


Speaking of tests:

Lisa: Ultimate Soul Caliber II Survival Champion

Lisa: Ultimate Pool Champion

John: Ultimate Soul Caliber II head-to-head Champion

John: Ultimate cocky asshole on Soul Caliber II Champion

Me: Nothing, I am nothing! Nothing! Nothing! If I don’t have youuuuuuuuuu.


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