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Margin of error

So John Kerry in the New Hampshire [NH for short] primary beat out Howard Dean by approximately 12 points or so. I would think that is a significant lead, correct?

Hypothetically, if John Kerry beat out Howard Dean by say 2 or 3 points, I would hardly say he REALLY beat out Howard Dean because Dean is so close to dethrone him, correct? 2 or 3 points could be a margin of error.

Hence, if were to beat out myself in Boggle by a mere three points [50 to 53]..does that warrant him to declare the official apartment Boggle champion?

I think not.

A champion would have BLOWN the competition away, not merely luck out by the word “maw”–which he said was married to his “paw”. C’mon now.

Then again, I tried to get away with Noir [as in film noir] and Risa tried Feng [as in feng shui] and tried aeon [as in aeon flux].

If anything, it was an exhibition game.


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