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the condom

Decided to stay in Boston because I am a broke ass.

As I prepare for the festivities, Risa came into my room and threw me a condom.

A condom.

And I said “What am I going to do with this?”

And she said “Well, you’re going to need it tonight.”

For what? A hat?


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that aeorja sodfijo fukc

Fine, people, fine. Here is my drunk entry. I locked it in a secret lock as a reminder of my foolish behaviour but fine, here it is.

–the bewildered sober girl.

dude, i am drunk.

this sucks and the room is sppinning and spoinning and i dont’ care that this doesn’t make sense.

my roommates are upstiar s watiching soe sort of cartoon. dingsuispie or wahtever the fuck his name is is leaiving waht.

my other tow roommate sare lookig at texas toast. why did alan and sam leave? I don’t know. why am I saying this out loud? I don’t know. do not say the name gump; okay. thank you. you are mybest friend now.

this entyr sucks major ass. if this awas an ass, it would suck. or something.

There is a guy behind me, but I forgot his name . what is his name. he has a knock first jacket. that is asd. I wish I had a knock fist jacket. that is sad. ohmhy god, i’m in a different sate. I ‘m not extar estawpoejr aopsjf thiw oaweijta foajeroiu rvjowdfjlasd

this entry sucks ass.! that aeorja sodfijo fukc. ni ahte everyone. io hate everyone

ThisisGump: I lovehese entries cause they are raw. Sharon = kewl. I spelled kewlwrong man. Sharon feels she is taller than me. She is being here for New Yeras YEARS. Sorrymen . I mena people.

She shall thake the Phanga wa bus.

Phanga wa bus.

She is drinkin Weise beer.

anyway my pantsand

water is boiling.

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I am a loser

Dude, it’s like, 4 in the morning and I am not tired.

Nobody is home. Actually, I lie. Kevin (one of my roommates) is sleeping in his room. Risa is at work. I imagine Nelson and John are out getting some good loving from their respective girl(s).

I am home.

Watching “Finding Nemo”.

I am a loser.

I had a pretty cool Christmas. I spent with my roommate’s (John) family over in Chelmsford, MA. It was the epitome of an sweet ABC family special. Actually, let me upgrade, a sweet HBO family special. They gave me a stocking and it was filled by (tee hee) Santa in the morning..hooray!

Then I went with the Gates’ family to some breakfast/dinner Christmas eating and played Christmas trivia and Christmas charades.

I felt SOOOO guilty though. I sort of felt that John had to drag my ass around with him because I had no family. Accordingly, when we got to his parents’ house, I told him I wanted to go home (i.e. the apartment). He said “But it’s 1:46 in the morning!” and I said “So?”. He didn’t argue and gave me directions. I had three cigarettes left in my purse and I smoked 2 of them last night.

Because I felt so guilty about being a burden. I’m sure the Gates’ didn’t feel like I was a burden (I mean, if the roles were reversed, my family would’ve been cool with John and I would never feel like I was dragging him around.

But still. I felt the vibe that he wanted to hang with other people but couldn’t (?) wouldn’t (?) shouldn’t (?), because my lame ass.

Good thing I went home. Kevin just came home and told me that he met up with John, Nelson, Sam, Becky and Becca at Dunkin’ Donuts. I would have probably been very uncomfortable because it’s the ‘high school crew’.

That’s amazing to me. I could never hang out with a high school crew.

Anyway, so I pretty much have been home all day. I am scared to drive the streets for fear of getting lost or something but I think I’ll do it tomorrow because I am a loser and I need to get out of the house.

I am half tempted to buy cigarettes. I think I could smoke them on the downlow. Oh God, I’ve turned into a mistress to my cigarettes.

I don’t miss California, per se, but I miss my friends soooo much. I liked the fact that I had a plethora of friends to pick and choose from to hang out with and now, my roommates are stuck with my sorry ass.

I apologize for this whiny entry. I’m just in a bad mood. The first two weeks of moving into a new place are the hardest, I think.

The first two weeks i moved to New York, I cried my eyes out (even though I really wanted to go to NYU)…everyone was just so mean.

When I moved back to San Diego, I cried my eyes out because everyone was so indifferent.

I haven’t cried my eyes out here yet, instead, I sneak out of the apartment and go under the stairs and smoke half a cigarette. I don’t know what to do about my bad habit. I”m hoping nobody will catch me. I mean, it’s much better this way because if my smoking was readily acceptable, I would be smoking more often.

John left his phone charger in my car and I said “Let me get my keys real quick” and he said that he would get the charger himself, but I had smoked the night before and feared he might smell the smoke, so I volunteered to grab the charger.

Because I’m that lame, dude.

Good thing they only think I update my diaryland diary, this diary entry is so mean and accurate.

I’m sorry. I’m miserable.

I want to cry.

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ultimate update

Sorry people. As you know, I’ve been moving across the country, so the diaryland diary had to be on the backburner for a bit.

Now that I am back to having no life, I will update like a mofo. Hooray for mofos!

I guess, to make up for the lack of updates, I’ll attempt to make this the ultimate update: collector’s edition. This means, the next five updates will be as follows:

Disneyland (my last weekend in San Diego)
The Roadtrip
The Queer Eye Party
Moving into Boston
Christmas with Kerbang’s family

I also got some pictures developed, so you’ll get some j.peg loving.

Otherwise, in a nutshell, here’s what’s going on:

There is no snow.

Well, I lie. There is snow, but they are all pushed to the banks and most of the snow has melted. Christmas wise, I was given tons of scarves (hells yeah baby) toe socks and winter clothing type of stuff. I haven’t been able to use most of it because the temperature in the afternoon is equivalent to the midnight temperature of San Diego.

My roommates have a lot of sex.

I wish I had been forewarned that my roommates (there is five of us in total) were nymphomaniacs. It is amazing how much sex they have and yet, how much time they have for the internet and for video games. I don’t know how they do it. Let’s just say this, I am the only one home right now…because everyone is out having sex. Otherwise, good times.

We had a mini-gift-exchange (although we didn’t consult each other, we just sorta of did it on our own volitions).

Gump gave me awesome “hobo-gloves” as we call it in San Diego, were it is gloves but you can put a top on it to make it look like a mitten. Hells yeah.

Kerbang gave me a collection of Spike Jonze music videos on dvd. This includes music videos from Bjork, Beastie Boys and Weezer. Hells yeah.

Risanator gave me “Down With Love” dvd. It wasn’t a big surprise because, essentially, she took me to a place called Best Buy and had me had my picking. It was a tough choice between Down With Love (which has very clever writing and very clever art production) or Drumline (to satiate my inner band geek). I’ll get Drumline when I have a job.

Shopping extravaganza

I have never shopped so much in my LIFE. I essentially went shopping all week this week with Risanator and Kerbang. Shopping is always entertaining and it was refreshing to see that the malls weren’t mobbed and the parking wasn’t the equivalent to a hellhole (i.e. San Diego’s Christmas shopping season). It was, like, a regular shopping time, dude. But, it was rather entertaining to see Kerbang and Datchery (p.s. they’re brothers) buy the same exact video game for each other.

After so much shopping (we’re talking shopping excursions that would last from noon till 9pm) I felt like a rich person. I think I even said to Kerbang “Is this what rich people do all day?” and he smirked and said “Yes, I think that’s what they do.” Too bad I have no money to be rich. But, man, shopping all the time must suck major ass.

Now that Christmas is over, I have nothing to do. Hooray!

I still have no life.

This is primarily due to my fear of driving in slick streets (when it rains here) and being lost. Oh yeah, and I’m a brokeass. I have given myself the deadline of getting my ass in a demeaning trivial job by January 6, 2004. If I have no job by then, I will whore my ass and/or take three jobs in retail ( I fucking hate retail). I feel, though, if I were to have a job to go to (to hate) and look forward to going home, then my home will feel like home.

You know what I’m saying? (gee).

Alcohol consumption has gone up 80%.

I don’t think I have drunken (drinked?) so much alcohol in my life. In college (usually your alcohol drinking days), I never had time and when I did have time, I was usually smoking pot and shooting up heroin anyway (Yeah, I’m a bad girl). So, all this alcohol is crazy and the results are bizarre.

Case in point: The night before (Christmas eve), I got pretty inebriated over 4 or 5 glasses of wine (I lost count after 2). I was super tired at one point, and when I’m drunk and tired, I HATE EVERYONE. So, in the car on our way back to the Ker-atchery’s parents’ abode, I declared to everyone I hated them and their Massachusetts ways. I really didn’t mean it, it was I had been internalizing a lot of doubts and it came out to me screaming that I hated all my roommates.

This was probably the jealously of all them having lots of sex and me being the chaste roommate externalizing. Heh heh heh.

Regardless, all this alcohol on a fairly frequent basis should bring some interesting results…i.e. making out with a 37 year old record producer guy at a Queer Eye for a Straight Guy party.

But, of course this is another entry.

Merry Christmas (belated yo) from the Peanut Gallery

Collector’s series continues with…Sharon’s Disneyland Trip

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doesn’t feel quite like home (yet)

Okay, a pseudo-update. I’m not really going to go in depth about the Queer Eye party nor the road trip nor the going away party nor my last days in San Diego only because I am not at my computer.

And I sort of feel funny being in the process of updating my adventures on a computer that is not mine.

Anyway, so I’ve arrived in Massachusetts. Truth be told, it doesn’t feel like that I’ve moved here. It doesn’t feel like home. It just sort of feels like I’m an overnight visitor with just a lot of crap. I suppose it’s such a bizarre transition that it is going to take a while for this place to seep in my system.

On a nice note, the people I’ve met thus far are really nice, I miss California (but don’t want to move back, but this means I have fond memories) and my car KICKS FUCKING ASS.

I’m running out of money though, which worries me and I’m almost done shopping with Christmas presents.

I’m trying very hard not to open the presents I’ve brought with me across country just so my sorry ass has something to open on Christmas.

Oh, Christmas. In Boston. Like, cold.

Totally. (jelly dude)

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I am in boston

I have now officially moved to Boston (but really, Malden).

It really doesn’t feel like home just yet. It just feels like I’m an overnight visitor with lots of people. I wonder when it will go from being overnight visitor to being home

In other news, I bought some mad groceries. I was tempted to buy a whole bunch of crappy junk food but according to my doctor, I’m a fatass, so I’m trying to watch it. Furthermore, I don’t want my roommates to know that I have terrible terrible eating habits.

And that I really miss smoking.

I really do.

To Risanator: Please forgive us. I don’t know what to do. Please forgive us, I can’t stop loving you. Don’t deny me, this pain that I’m going through, Please forgive us, we can’t stoooooooop loving you.

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i made it

Dude, I am slightly inebriated from playing beer pong with Dinguspie and Datchery whilst Gumphood, Risa and Kerbang went to get Risa’s car.

I wonder if I called them by their aliases, if they would think I was insane.

Well, I made it to Boston and I got drunk.

Really drunk.

So drunk that I regret the actions that I had done the night before.

But that’s a different entry.

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so the roadtrip begins

So I will be MIA for a couple a days as I am leaving to drive across the country in about a couple of hours.

Kerbang made it safely (Yes, Gump, your man is here!)– Gump obsessively called to make sure his boyfriend made it safe.

Speaking of which, I picked out this fucking rad outfit for him for the Queer Party this Friday…but it looks so good that it overshadows my outfit! AHHHHH!!!

Kerbang got along with all of my friends. The guys looked at him incredulously as he spoke about spinning on ice on the road and snow. You should’ve seen their eyes. (OH MY GOD, your car did WHAT?)

At one point (we pretty much traveled all throughout San Diego doing trivial chores) the people we were with were as follows: Jennifer, Jon, Jaymee, John and Sharon. Oh and my sister, Jasmine came along whilst my friend Jirrah called on the phone.

Man, what’s up with the J action?

Unfortunately, my house was still a wreck when he got here. I said “Here’s my house.”

and Kerbang said “Not anymore”

AHHHH!! I keep forgetting.

Anyway, I gotta wake up Kerbang and get a-packing.

Don’t go through too much withdrawal. I’ll tell the Fab Five I said Hi (If they don’t shoot me for my lame ass outfit).

However, Kerbang’s outfit looks so gay–that’s how good it is. Hot damn, you guys have to see this crazy shirt he got.

I’ll post it up if I get pictures. All the gay boys will be after him.

Sorry, I can’t stop talking about his shirt.

It’s that queer eye.

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Whew! I’m almost done!

So I got a Christmas bonus which I’m really stoked about (I never expected it) and you guessed it, I spent it all on Christmas gifts.

I do have to give myself a pat on the back because I think I really outdid myself this year. I HOPE everyone will love their gifts. I was really debating on getting this one movie (I will not reveal the movie for fear the gift recipient might chance on reading this) and so I had to use my sexy yet confused look with the Best Buy Guy (oops! I revealed on of my places! BLASPHEMY!) I love doing that. I especially love when they ask what movies I like and such and we spend half an hour looking at movies. Alas, the short relationship ends when I purchase my gift. Oh, it was fun.

Anyway, so I have an irregular heartbeat. I have a defunct heart! The doctor thinks because of the excessive caffeine I drink in a day. I’m drinking water now. But let me tell you, those first 2 days of caffeine (I had to cut down to one cup a day) were the shiznit. I tried to go to sleep at 6pm to sleep off the headache. Didn’t work. Waked up at 10 p.m. and it was still there. And I keep forgetting there’s caffeine in tea and chocolate. goddamnit.

Oh, and I’m going to San Francisco to visit one of my closest college buds from NYU. Cooper, that bastard. But I have to say, he was very very important to me in New York. That boy gave me my first kiss (But we weren’t romantically linked. He just did it because I had never been kissed before) Okay. TECHNICALLY, it was this guy Alex, but he was gay. But when I told him I had never been kissed before (mind you, I was 21) he said, “Well, that’s not fair” and he kissed me. It was quite nice (no, it’s wasnt like tongue hockey) but just a simple kiss on the lips. I told Cooper about it and he said “What?! At least get kissed by a straight guy” and he kissed me. In front of a LOT of people. At a restaurant. So I will be forever grateful. And he has really really helped me and seen me all growns up. Awww. From no guys to three of ’em. And he always though they were never good enough. (He knows what kind of guy I want. Exactly. To the tee) and although none of the past guys have quite gotten it, I have always hoped to give them a chance to become what cooper has described to me “my perfect guy.” And although I am downcast sometimes, he tells me they still exists.

I love having great guys as close friends.

Anyway, I’m going to Frisco with my bestest friend in the whole wide world for 4 days. I am so stoked.

Hmm. What else? Other than starting a work out regime…

Hey, Kirin, you want to give me a makeover too? That would be fun.

and watch out people. Sharon’s getting a whole new hair color this tuesday.

and LORD OF THE RINGS! I can hardly stand it! AHHHHHH!!!!

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i’m in love

I am in love.


I went to disneyland (which is probably how you got to this entry) and one of the people there was this guy. This fucking guy.

At this point, it had been so long since I’ve seen him, (I’ve seen him a total of hmmm…4 times prior to the Disneyland trip?) that any crush I had, had dissipated.

Oh god, and of course after extended hours upon hours with him, my crush would come back in full force.

However, contrary to my previous entry about him, instead of him making me laugh, I made him laugh pretty often. Because of this, we pretty much ended up riding every ride together.

Anyway, he told me how much he missed Boston (he’s originally from the East Coast) and secretly wants to move back. Furthermore, he has friends there as well, so he was thinking of visiting him.

I offered my bedroom, uh, room, uh, whatever, if he chose to come into Boston. He said he would take my offer. He even mentioned driving to New York together to check things out. Of course I’m down with that.

Later in the night (oooh), we were sitting, waiting for everyone else to come out and started talking about relationships. (we were waiting for a LONG time) and he asked me where I was with dating. I said that I went on so many bad dates, that I had had enough and would rather be single. Fuck having a significant other. Then I told him “and now I am the happiest I ever been”. He smiled and said “This is meant to be a compliment, but I got that impression that you didn’t need anyone. That’s admirable especially since girls tend to be needy.” Awww.

So in the end of our day, we ended up having each other’s cell phone numbers and each other email addresses. We talked about watching the midnight showing of LOTR this Tuesday..oh my god, tomorrow. I emailed him about it, so we shall see.

Goddamnit, of course I would fall in love so close to the end of the move.

But if he ever decided to move to Boston (as he secretly desires), it would be SOOO on. As in, I would flirt with him mercilessly.

However, he told me (on the raft to Tom Sawyer Island) that if he liked a particular girl, he would make it obvious.

He doesn’t like playing games.

10 cool things about Danny (heh heh heh)

10. He is vegetarian with the exception of seafood
9. He works for triple A
8. He is 27.
7. He was punched in his face the night before Disneyland, hence he had marks around his face.
6. We rode California Screamin’ together and he spat out his gum, which ended up on the car in front of us.
5. He has this characteristic wherein he comes off very nice and subdued, but he won’t be against being childlike (not childish) and fun. He’ll make a little ruckus if need be.
4. First guy I’m attracted to who doesn’t argue with me (I usually like arguers, depending on the person, I guess). We agree way too much.
3. Does a freakishly good impression of me lost.
2. Great conversationalist
1. Straight edge (doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs.