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Julie Andrews made me cry

Sometimes I am just plain weird.

I suppose I was just in a Julie Andrews mood this weekend. I watched two of her movies: Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

There’s this scene in Mary Poppins where all the nannies are flying from the line and all of a sudden, Jane says “Michael Look!” and Mary Poppins is floating down from a distance. For some reason, I began to cry.

I think it was because I couldn’t figure out how they got all those nannies to fly and I couldn’t see strings and CGI wasn’t used yet. I was just so amazed.

I cried two more times: When she is taking stuff out of her carpet bag (I still don’t know how she does it) and when Dick Van Dyke was dancing with the penguins– his talent is unsurpassed and now I will never be able to witness it again in another movie.

Further, Mary Poppins was when I thought Disney movies were cool. I was all over “Return to Witch Mountain” and “Bedknobs and Broomstocks” my brother’s generation is subjected to “What a Girl Wants”..I mean c’mon.

On Sunday, I watched The Sound of Music and AGAIN, I began to cry.

Now let me explain something: I NEVER CRY. It’s extremely rare. I think the last time I cried was about a year ago when I guy told me “I am not supposed to experience love with you” and “You are not the one” …I mean, ouch, man. However, before that, I cried like 2 years ago when I had a really bad day at work and a customer had her wallet stolen and a cop yelled at me in the span of an hour. I think before that I cried because I might not graduate college because I had no health insurance.

Basically, I cry in very extreme circumstances. And I NEVER cry because of MOVIES!

So, this was such an anomaly for me. I began to cry when they sang and danced to “I am sixteen going on seventeen”; I cried again when the father was singing Edelweiss; I cried when I saw this BEAUTIFUL shot; I cried when they were doing the do re me montage; and I finally cried when the father got the telegram saying he had to join the Third Reich (and he decide to escape)

What I think made me so emotional about that movie was the fact it is SOOO good when I saw it when I was younger (and I didn’t understand the political ramifications) and it’s even better now that I am older. I mean, I guess because a lot of films that I liked when I was younger, (i.e. Ghost) I don’t like now–but The Sound of Music, it gets better each time I see it and after my film training, I see how brilliant it really is.

On the movie note, I saw Drumline today..which I have to say impressed me more than I thought.

It totally made me feel better about being in band (I played clarinet for 5 years and was on the high school Drill Team for a year) and it made it look cool.

My friends want me to make a movie to glorify and make engineers look cool.

it’s a challenge…

But there is only so much magic I can create.


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