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arnold is guh-vah-nah

Things that happened today

* earthquake (3.9 on the Richter scale)
* got another job
* I voted
* Arnold Swartzenegger was voted governor of California
* talked to Datchery online

My world has just gotten so weird.

My boss’s dog died a couple of days ago. He screamed at the veterinarian and came out of his office, tears streaming down his face. He yelled “FUCK!!!” and ran out of the office and yelled Fuck some more.

My co-worker’s daughter is a heroin addict. She has been trying to get her to get into CRASH which is a detox/rehab place. She lied and said there was no more space (they called and said that SHE said she needed more time). So, my co-worker, in an attempt of tough love, refused to give her any help unless she came back and asked for it..(her daughter has no job and no food and no place to live)…so that she could convince her to get help. She also asked other family members not to interfere.

no dice.

my co-worker’s sister (the daugher’s aunt of course) gave the daughter money. For more heroin? Maybe. Anyway, my co-worker called her sister and YELLED at her on the phone. I dropped my file because I was so taken aback

Today, we had a huge political debate about what the hell is going on with California and the country. I pretty much convinced my co-workers (lawyers and secretaries alike) that I would be the best candidate for governor. heh heh. I have to give it to Datchery, Kerbang and Gumphood for piquing my interest in politics and actually caring about what the hell is going on.

thanks guys.

Tyler won the semi-finals and is now going to the finals in the wade robson project. I feel so evil. I sent out a mass email for people to vote for him.

But I don’t actually know him. I just made it SEEM like I know him (one of my best friend is named tyler as well, and utilized that connection to my advantage) so I feel very manipulative and evil.

but tyler won.

I just think he’s supertalented and super hot and want him to be my love slave…because have you SEEN him dance? imagine him in bed!

Unfortuantely, Ryan thought I really knew the dancing prodigy and told all his friends and now they think I am the coolest girl ever with the coolest friends.

aw man, I am in trouble…. but he won, so my tactics have worked again. (I’m telling you, I would be a kickass film director)

Anyway, I was talking to Datchery today and I told him if I were to be in his town, that he would have to hang out with me out of obligation. I said (sort of) that the dealbreaker would be if he had bad taste in film.

and he didn’t know if he had any taste.

so I tried to give a quick quiz and he logged off! the bastard.

Anyway, so I start my new-old job tomorrow. Yes, I am now working nights and weekends at Starbucks again. I want money. lots of it. and i want a widescreen television.

oh, and Gray Davis’ wife name is Sharon.

just like me.

gah. maybe I’ll stick around in California to see what happens.

maybe not.


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