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a conspiracy I tell you!

You know what I’ve always wanted to do? I’ve always wanted to conspire with a guy and get on that show “Blind Date” and like have the worse date EVER. I think it would be quite amusing. Either that or be the most disgusting girl ever and the guy (the one who I am conspiring with) who totally be into it, but he would be this clean cut guy with a dirty fetish.

so what’s been going on? I’m actually at that point where I have so much to say that I’m overwhelmed, thereby I guess I will say nothing at all.

Speaking of which, I went movie crazy last weekend and saw three movies and now I’m a broke ass. It was well worth it though. On Friday I saw Head of State. It essentially was Chris Rock standup on film…but I love Chris Rock standup so it didn’t bother me. On Saturday I saw “A Man Apart”…the new Vin Diesel flick with Tyler and Kay. I have to say, when I first saw Vin Diesel, I didn’t like him too much…but the more Vin Diesel (I HIGHLY DOUBT that’s his rea name) I see in movies, the more I liked him. He was pretty good in this flick, in comparision to other action flicks in general, so my standards are not that high. However, A Man Apart is also directed by F. Gary Gray, who also did The Negotiator (with Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson) and I really liked that film..hmm..I should get it.

And the best movie I saw the whole weekend, by myself (for fun), was OLD SCHOOL with Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. DUDES!!! If you have not seen that movie, go see it RIGHT NOW. It’s FUCKING HILARIOUS. I absolutely loved it. That, and Will Ferrell is my boyfriend.

On a different note, for your entertainmet value, I went to a party a couple weekends ago which was really fun. But, I think what stood out were the games. The party I went to was primarily male (It was, if I recall, a celebration in honor of one of their compatriots getting vision. I believe he got Lasik surgery. The party was dubbed “Matt can see” party and everyone wore glasses (I wore them by default of course) and played any song with the word “eyes”…i.e. Lost in Your Eyes, All Eyez on Me …etc)

anyway,although all the games were highly entertaining, the one I found the most entertaining (in my personal opinion) was cum shot.

Yes, cum shot

Basically, the collective of guy sit in a circle and it’s a high/low card game. Each guy is given a card and whomever has the highest card got to cum on the guy with the lowest card. But, it wasn’t actually jacking off or anything. They used a lotion botttle to squirt the low card guy’s face.

However, for more spice, I suppose, the guy with the high card got to pick the position the guy would have to take it and then the high card guy would indicate what the low card guy had to say when he was about to take it.


High: Doggy style

Low card guy gets on all fours.

High:Say “Your cum is so warm and smooth. I love it how it goes down my throat.”

Low: Your cum is so warm and smooth. I love it how it goes down my throat.

SQUIRT (in the face)

And it’s just so degrading to see all these guys with white substance on their faces. Hee hee hee.

If anything, it just made me miss MY guy friens on the East coast.

I only have, really, two here in the west coast (not counting cooper because he’s up in frisco) Wilbur and Tyler. And Tyler has a girlfriend. I can’t be hanging out with Wilbur ALL the time. He seems to have limit on conversational fodder. So..what’s the solution? FInd more guy friends. How do I do that without looking like a retard/slut? Hmmm…


Legitimate movie reviews, Illegitimate blog from a legitimate American. 2 Legit 2 Quit. Hey Hey.

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