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so disneyland rocked the hiszouse. I love pirates of the carribbean.. “yo-ho, yo-ho, the pirate’s life for me….” Chad and I tried to get the whole boat to sing the chorus but unfortunately the aforementioned lyric was the only lyrics we knew…so we would be YO HO YO HO THE PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME!!! uh….” (enter silence here or mumblings).

Top 10 moments at Disneyland:

  1. Chad and I in the spinning tea cup: I said “show me what you got” uh-oh. Wrong thing to say. He spun that mofo so fast I swear I was going to fly out the cup. I couldn’t even move my head because the g-forces were so strong. So imagine chad with a huge smile on his face working that mofo…and me? Screaming at the top of my lungs (and I’m fucking LOUD) with my head hanging out of the cup. wowzers.
  2. Kay and I on Space Mountain. I thought my glasses were going to fall off my face and I was like “JESUS!” and Kay started to laugh and then I started to laugh and we laughed throughout the whole ride and since we weren’t paying attention to where we were going, it made the ride even funnier and I kept ramming into her side. It was fucking hilarious. I thought literally I was going to die of lack of oxygen.
  3. I was eating an ice cream sandwich and I (how uncharacteristic of me!) got it all over my face and unluckily all over my teeth. It was so disgusting, Chad, Ty and Kay went on the other side of the fench.
  4. Everytime Kay would say “Do it again chad!” Chad would bark at me and I would scream. It annoyed the crap out of Tyler

Okay, I”m tired now to continue this. I will actually continue this when I am at somebody’s elses’ computer (I’m at CHad’s place) and dude, the pizza smell is driving me CRAZY! I’m starvation mode.


Thanks to Ty, Kay, and Chad for a vondervul birthday. 🙂

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Dude, I am so sore yo

I don’t even know what it is. My legs hurt and my left shoulder hurts. I sort of feel like I’m on the flu but I’m not. I don’t know.

I feel like I’m going through wretched detox. I’m trying to give up Diet Coke and cigarettes and such. I’m also trying to lose weight and eat healthy and learn to budget my money. Geez, when I put it all out there, it sounds like I’m like this terrible crack addict…but I swear I’m not. I guess just trying to go for the healthier lifestyle. And this is good. I think a lot of it has to do with my friends. I have very active friends who frequently (?) do um…active things and I’m trying to be on par with them, which is good. They’re very supportive of course.

In other news, woah, my birthday is tomorrow! Wahoo. I’m pretty stoked since the last 3 birthdays I’ve been on a film shoot or I have worked. The birthday before that was the dramatic birthday where I cried my eyes out since I just got out of the hospital and at that point in time, I didn’t want to be celebrating my birthday, so this birthday is a whole lot different than the past 4 birthdays and I’m trying to celebrate the crap I’ve lived through.

Also, I usually keep the bday on a DL but, whatevers mode. So, for those who want to give me any sort of birthday wishes (and this is no pressure whatsoever) let me make it easy for you. I love birthday cards. The more funkier, more sentimental, the more effort it takes in the person to get me the birthday card, the more hmmm…what’s the word? Ecstatic, I’ll be. Nothing more is really needed to tell you the truth.

Examples of rockin’ birthday cards of years past:

“Remember when you said we’ll be grandma Sharon and grandma Jennifer? …. Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot, Can you tie them in a bow? ….That song is not so funny anymore (But it’s still funny to me!!!)”
–Jennifer D.

“Tought titties said the kitty but the milk’s still good. Iron, I need Iron, I’d need to go through a desert for that shit. Over and out” — Wallaine S.

“You know yer pop’s mode” — Alfred P.

“To one sex goddess to another” — Jirrah C. AND Arlene G. (woah)

Anyway, just a few examples. What NOT to write in cards:

“Wow…you’re the big (enter age here)”
“You’re sure getting old!”
“Happy Birthday!” (been there, done that)
“Hey there old fogie”
“Wow, you’re over the hill”
“When are you getting a boyfriend”

These are big no-nos and will not be tolerated. That, and I ALWAYS get a card that says that every year. Actually multiple cards. If you can’t think of anything better to say then, just don’t get me one. This is only if you are even contemplating on getting me a card.

I can imagine the scenarios now…my sister is like , “Oh, shit! I gotta change my card!” (I’m kidding Jasmine) and she rushes to Hallmark to rectify the situa-shun.

What else? What else?

So I bought the Stokes. Awesome awesome awesome. My next purchase on my list? Jimmy Eat World of course. (11.99 at Circuit City)

Anyway, Chad, Ty and Kay are taking me out sometime this weekend to enjoy the funk (funkiness) which I’m really stoked about.

Okay, my stomach is having issues.

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you think you know but you have no idea —DIARY (2001)

Diary is sort of stupid on MTV. It’s always this dramatic “You think you know but you have no idea….DIARY” and it’s always like them shopping and doing meet and greets and not having a lot of sleep or time to themselves. Woah. Hold on the phone. We’re watching rich and famous people shop and tend to their adoring fans. Man, I have NO IDEA. They make it sound so life-threatening.

I’m at my sister’s place listening to Jimmy Eat World. Maaan. These guys rock. I just put down the lyrics to my favorite song of theirs.

Anyway, I think I’m lacking passion. Or maybe it’s just fictional passion I’m seeing here. But when I watch movies/television shows/ or listen to pop music, they talk about this fiery passion that witholds them and makes them feel like they’re going to explode. I want that but isn’t it fictional? Then I think, well, if they keep singing about it or portraying it or whatnot, it must exist in nature. I wonder, do I be envious because I feel I don’t have or possess such passion or relieved that I don’t have to have that traumatic itch in my heart and mind? Hmmm. I guess, that’s why trashy romance novels always entice me. To see a person and to want them so bad that you don’t even know what to do with yourself. To want to rip that other’s person’s clothes off. To have dinner with someone and sit across them and secretly eye them naked and they know that you are secretly eyeing them naked. I guess I just want to be roughly thrown and have a man say “I want you NOW GODDAMNIT!” hee hee hee. ahhh. to live in a romance novel.

Until then, I’m going to have to invest in Hustler vibrators and maybe have a recording of some husky man in the background.

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I really don’t know what to write about today but I was in a typist type of mode so I decided to ramble on and on. Hopefully some sort of subject I didn’t know that had some sort of significance will pop up in my head and I can freewrite about that.

Speaking of popping up…I saw this awesome tick book in san francisco about this guy who wanted to be an architect. I LOVED it but couldn’t afford to buy the book. DOH! Anyway, my friend Mike said I would be an awesome children’s writer. What do you think? Maybe I should try that. I don’t know if I like kids enough to write for them. Hmmm. Let me try to write one now.


Bob the Bird had lots of favorite foods (turn page)

He loved to eat Chicken. He loved to eat potato chips. He loved to eat mushrooms. (turn page)

But his favorite food in the whole wide world was corn. (turn page)

It didn’t matter that it affected is gastrointestinal tract (turn page)

It didn’t matter that he had to steal it from his girl-bird, Babbette, when the moon was up. (turn page)

He just knew that he loved corn and would do anything for that sweet smelling produce to be between his beaks (turn page)

One day Bob noticed that there was no more corn in the field. (turn page)

He went to Babbette and asked where the corn fields went (turn page)

Babbette looked at him sternly and pointed her ruffled feathers at him (turn page)

“You shouldn’t have been so selfish.” she cried (turn page)

“Now nobody can have corn. Since you ate so much, it raised our bird feed taxes” (turn page)

“Since I didn’t have enough feathers to sacrifice to keep the cornfields…”

“….the frequent flier government of organic winged flight drove in with their flying tractors…”

“and took our corn away…”

“ we have no health insurance..”

Bob began to cry and cry and cry. He felt there was no tomorrow.

But then he said…”WAIT!”

…”I can still eat chicken.”


You think I have potential?