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Oh my goodness, Jennifer is a musical scribe

I think I read that somewhere if you’re some sort of writer, you pen stuff, you’re a scribe, a writer, an artist. Jennifer Derilo, is a lyricist superstar. I want you to be the first to see her talent first hand:

hey, kids…this happened Last Night…

Well I’ve been in town for just about fifteen minutes
And baby I feel so down
And I don’t know why
I’ve been walking for miles

Oh people they don’t understand
No girlfriends they don’t understand
In spaceships they won’t understand
And me I ain’t ever gonna understand

makin’ my way downtown…(SD)
walking fast
faces past
and i’m homebound…(altamont dr.)
staring blankly ahead just makin’ my way
makin’ my way through the crowd.

and i need you (guys)
and i miss you (guys)
and now i wonder, if i could fall into the sky,
do you think time would pass me by?
’cause you know i’d walk a thousand miles if i could
just…see you (guys)…tonight

it’s times like these when i think of you
and i wonder if you ever think of me (and i guess you

if you (guys) want to, i could save you
i could take you away from here
so lonely inside
so busy out there
and all you wanted was somebody who cares

i’m slipping slowly, so hurry hold me
please can you tell me, so i can finally see
where it is you go when you’re gone

there’s a dead end to my left
there’s a burning bush to my right
you [guys] aren’t in sight, you aren’t in sight

do you want me?
like i want you?
or am i standing still
beneath the darkened (SD) sky
or am i standing still
with the scenery flying by?
or am i standing still
out of the corner of my eye, was that you passin’ my

i wanna run through the halls of our high school.
i wanna scream at the top of my lungs.
i just found out that there’s no such thing as the
real world…(especially one wherein people like
[edited out for controversy amongst old high school peeps] and
[edited out] can “earn” their master’s)
…just a lie you got to rise above…(we are SO
getting our degrees and hot!)

i just can’t wait ’til our ten-year reunion.
[we’re] gonna bust down the “double doors.”

uh, huh. life’s like this.

i like you the way you are
when we’re driving in mike’s car
and you’re taking to us one-on-one
but you become
somebody else ’round everyone else
watching your back like you can’t relax

laugh out when you strike a pose
take off all your preppy clothes
you know you’re not fooling anyone

tell me why do you have to go and make things so

’cause everytime i look you’re never there
and when i turn to see you’re always there
’cause you’re everywhere to me
and when i close my eyes it’s you i see
and you’re everything i know that makes me believe
i’m not alone

i’m not alone.

Mike: The only good part of you guys leaving is not having to hear these fucking songs anymore.

heh heh heh.

On a side note, people, I think I’m in a rut. A terrible rut… the mother of all ruts. I’m not creating anything, I don’t think I”m growing in any sort of direction (I’m not couting bodywise) or am learning anything interesting. I’m just going with the motions. Hmmm. I’m not depressed or anything but I can see a future problem and since I’m aware of this, I suppose this is the time for me to rectify the situation….

Things I should consider trying to get out of this rut:
— writing a techno song
— finishing a script for once
— writing a short story (WITHOUT the help of speed vis a vis (am I using this term correctly?) Minority Report scribe)
— finishing all my books (which I haven’t done yet)
— skydiving
— anal sex
— shaving my head
— learning the drums (at the rate I’m going that’s never going to happen)
— memorizing every New Found Glory song just to annoy the shit out of people
— actually memorizing every Michelle Branch song to annoy the shit out of people.
— memorizing both Michelle Branch songs and NFG songs and doing my own remix to annoy the shit out of people
— learning NSYNC dance moves on Darren’s Dance Grooves
— deciding whether nilism (nihilism?) is the way of life.

AHHHH! I just need something new to do PEOPLE! I guess I just need to get off my fat ass and wash my car.

the lovely (sex) goddess (i wish!)

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Don’t fight the funk

Seems like that is the phrase of the day …or yesterday. Or was it fake the funk? I’ve been accused of the aforementioned phrase many many times yesterday. Hm. Well, if I’m faking or fighting the “funk”’s for good reason.

On the lighter note: This past week I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The whole Bring it On movie and watching Minority Report with my cronies. Jennifer kept saying “How come the crew is so freaking slow without Tom Cruise? Huh? Huh?” It also didn’t help that we were in the front row and Jenn was looking straight at me and says “Look, I”m watching the movie. I’m watching the movie.” (Imagine her head to the side).

also there’s the Sharon is going to die factor…

10 Ways Sharon almost killed herself this week.

  1. I fell down the stairs (Jenn and Mike heard 3 thumps and then a “I”m OKAY guys! I’m okay!”
  2. Jennifer slammed my fingers in the car door (yeah, ouch)
  3. Death by lack of socks in the cold frisco air
  4. Death by vinyl…Amoeba was so huge that I was surrounded by troops of vinyl that seemed to say “If you don’t buy us, you will die”
  5. Death by weak bladderitis (I had to go pee like a GAZILLION TIMES. Imagine my despair when the McDonalds bathroom said “CLOSED”)
  6. Death by weak bladderitis part deux (I went to Hustler and BOTH bathrooms were closed for repair. YEAH RIGHT! I betcha something scandalous was going on)
  7. Death by lack of relieving the ants in my pants (self-explanatory)
  8. Death by lifting boxes at Starbucks and having it land on her right thigh (Yeah, big ass bruise there… thump, thump, thump “I’m okay guys! I’m okay!”
  9. Death by sugar and butter crepes (that’s a heart attack and a half man)
  10. I almost drowned in my chocolate crepe and the infection spread all over my face (it was a very sticky situation)

Good times man, good times.

On the sad note: Finances. Stupid phone bill. I’m so strapped for money that I don’t know what I’m going to do until thde 5th (That’s when I get paid)

Dudes, I don’t know what I’m going to do (This too shall pass. tee hee)

On either notes: I quit smoking ! wahoo!

more bladder adventures from yours truly soon to come.

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Bring It On (2000)

You HAVE to see this movie. If not for the hot cheerleaders or the dance routines, but for Sparky. There’s a character named Sparky who just cracks me up.

oh, and if Jesse Bradford was single, I’ll be all over that mug (my source who knows him says he’s dating some Asian chick…hey, hope for me! I hope he writes me a song too…awwww…)

Top 5 Moments in BRING IT ON:

  1. When Sparky says “You should all go on diets…except you, you should stop eating. maybe if you stop eating long enough your body will get hungry AND EAT YOUR ASS!”
  2. When Sparky says “THIS ISN’T SPIRIT FINGERS!!! THIS is Spirit fingers!!” (Jazz hands!)
  3. When Mike says “I can’t tell if this movie is brilliant or just plain dumb”
    Jender says “I think it’s wavering in between” (I think that’s what she says)
  4. In the outtakes, the religious cheer squad says “J – E- S-U-S we all think that he’s just the best!!”
  5. When they show the SAME EXACT ROUTINE in competition and they go through the whole routine over again. That song……is it smurf rock and that guy says “Are you ready for this??” (You have to see the movie in order to understand)

I’m off to see the Golden Gate Bridge and be in awe of it’s wonder.

oh yeah, went to Japan-town to try and get some Japan lovin’…got some crepes instead. But Jender got the best..poo-people and cheese people stationary! Although we had to leave the acorn people stationary behind. I do not make this up. Only Japanese people are cool enough to have poo and cheese as little cute characters on staionary.

Go POO PEEPS!!! It’s all about the poo in 2002.

Frisco is fun (but I don’t think I could live here) Later suckas!

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it’s getting hot in herre

That stupid Nelly song is in my head. And it’s getting hot in know..emphasis on that R guys! Wow…look at these prolific lyrics:

Nelly: It’s getting hot in herre, so take off all your clothes..
Sexy Chick’s Voice: I am getting so hot, so I’m going to take my clothes off

(Repeat several times)

and yet, it is in my stupid stupid head.

As always, crazy crazy week. I’ve decided to stay at the Buck for the summer so I can travel quite a bit without having to worry about PTO (that’s paid time off to you) I’m in San Francisco now waiting for my fellow comrades to awaken and feel the new Bay air. WAHOO! AND no work for 4 days. SWEEEET!

Anyway, things are good. I’ve got great friends and I’ve got food and my own room. What could be better?

Some food. (I”m so fucking hungry right now, my arm is starting to look good. “I’ll eat a pig’s ass if they cook it right”)

I hear tinkering of pots in the kitchen.. Ah.. to have a 3 person reunion. Not a big one. We’re all pretty much the same. I think we’re all a little more laid back and such and the dorky things we used to do before. Ah, my FAGNOW crew (to even go through so much trouble to name a crew is the epitome of dorkiness).

Anyways, I’m sorry guys. I’m not writing anything stellar. I’ll think of something..I promise.

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rock the boat…change position, change position

I’m listening to aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” and dude that song is nasty in a smooth way. good going aaliyah.

I was reading my sister’s online journal and she was debating whether songs or musicians were appreciated because they were good or because of their exposure, in my opinion:

well, in defense of people who were listening to certain bands before they hit the mainstream, they feel as if they have to “share” with people who would probably not be as appreciative of their music (which is not entirely true since other people just never had the chance for the exposure). anyway, it’s as if they feel their band is raped and the band is abandoning the people who have been there for them all the way. I don’t know, I’ve thought about this in my youth (like I’m really that old)

but a LOT of it has to do with exposure. Like what MTV does, it makes you listen to crap over and over and over again until you are hypnotized and begin with “must by cd…must buy crappy cd…” why the hell do you think I have three britney spears albums? Yes, I too have fallen victim to aggressive advertising (heh heh heh). A LOT of great bands have lack of exposure because like a lot of really great films, mainstream audiences are really NOT mature enough or prepared enough to listen. Greatness is always misunderstood. It is until later that people recognized and admire the efforts of people willing to take risks into a new genre or whatever.

I suppose so

Anyway, so I’m in this thing where all my days seemed to be blended intogether and I don’t know what day it is or where I’m going or what the hell is going on…all I know is that I’m having fun but I’m tired all the time. whoa. The funny thing is that I see the same people everyday and I think I have more fun with the same people everyday rather than me hanging out with different people everyday. eh. does that make sense?

Top 10 funniest/funnest events last week:

  1. Tyler telling us how his dad would see a monkey on television and his dad would say “Hey, tyler, that’s YOU. That’s YOU!” and Ty would retort “No it’s not!”
  2. Playing Taboo at my apartment and Tyler and Kay were partners and Kay says “okay, I do this everyday” and Tyler says “MASTURBATE!”
    (the word was exercise)
  3. Chad calling me up on the road and says “Hey! I can see you!” and I say “where? where?” and then DAMN HIM! I miss my exit and it takes me an hour to figure out how to get home (I think it’s one of those you had to be there moments)
  4. After a long day of work, I hear a customer say “Excuse me, I need more…” and in my disgust, I look up and say “I’m sorry?” but my face is like “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME” (Imagine that facial expression) and it’s Chad. And I’m like OH SHIT. and I look up and there’s Tyler. bastards.
  5. I’m with Cyndy on the freeway and we’re behind this Frontier and I say “hey, that looks like Chad’s truck” and Cyndy says “let’s find out” and we speed up next to the truck and low and behold it’s Chad talking on his cell phone. I scream out the window “HEY CHAAAADDD!!!” and he looks over and we’re talking/screaming over the freeway. after he exits, I get a phone call from Tyler saying “So, you saw Chad on the freeway?” and I said “Hey, how did you know?” and Ty says “I was the one he was talking to on the phone” ooooh weird.

Okay, my memory banks are tired so I can’t finish this. But as you can see, I’ve been hanging out with the same peeps over and over again but it’s always fun.


Hm. A new week. New things to discover. New situations to arise. wahoo. i’m excited. yo yo yo

p.s. saw Mallrats. it was okay

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lie in restless sleep
ever so slightly I leave
I read way too much

I know that you know
that I care too much for you
this sucks major ass

emptiness inside
I contemplate if my worth
is worth anything

I am very late
analytical flower
blooms only at the wrong time

plastic smile plastered
how can i hate fake people
when I am fake too

some haikus are dumb
is this seven syllables?
no mo drama yo

“All I want is to feel this way, to be this close, to feel the same”

“Truth is not kind and you said neither am I”

–Toad the Wet Sprocket “All I Want”

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Everyone seems to think I’m lazy…I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy

Those are lyrics from a song I’m listening to right now.

Rant of the day: New York vs. San Diego mentality

It seems that I have to walk on eggshells nowadays. Dude, people here can’t take you telling you their shit straight. I mean, that’s how high school drama starts (or middle school). “Oh, don’t tell this person that person that I think they’re like this and such” …of course I used to be like that but in New York, talk about new found freedom! People tell you what they think straight up. I enjoy the honesty and I languish in the vulgarity and the bluntness of it all. I miss my blunt nyc friends. It was cool to talk about sex, people, social ethics, movies, and films….and everyone had their opinion and everyone respected everyone’s opinion. I don’t think it ever got to a point where it was like, “Well…then…YOU SUCK!” I miss that intellectual stimulation.

I’m not saying people are NOT intellectual stimulating in San Diego, it’s just a lot rarer and there’s a lot of emotions and egos involved in the matter and I guess I should be a little more sensitive to people’s living situations and such, but I really don’t care. I want people to open their mind and be able to think “hey, you know what, I’m not forced to be this way. I can change, I can be this. I don’t have to live up to anybody’s expectations other than my own” but of course they’re friends who want you to be a certain way, parents who want you to be a certain way, and co-workers who want you to be a certain way. To be able to speak your mind without people disrespecting you is the way to go (yo).

10 things that have changed about me. (Format: before and after)

  1. Before: I used to care what people thought about me
    After: Who gives a shit what they think
  2. Before: I used to say “yes” to whenever my friends wanted to go out even though I didn’t want to go out or was too tired
    After: Dude, I’m too tired. Have fun without me
  3. Before: I used to be afraid of being left out
    After: Spending time with yourself gives you more self confidence about who you are and how you can have fun on your own terms. You only feel left out if people adamantly try to make you feel left out. You are better off without those people anyway
  4. Before: I used to want to lose weight to make guys want me more
    After: I’ll lose weight on my own terms. Anyway, I haven’t been having problems lately AND who wants to be with a guy who just wants you cause you have a hot body?
  5. Before: I used to be afraid to flirt with guys
    After: I’m not meeting the right guys, might as well have fun with the wrong ones man!
  6. Before: I used to be afraid to call my friends too much
    After: If they are really your friends, they really don’t mind.
  7. Before: I used to put up with people and their boring shit and these people who wouldn’t put up with my boring shit.
    After: I have caller ID (hee hee). And my shit is interesting now (or so I think)
  8. Before: I think I’m a rocking chick…what is wrong with me? Why won’t anyone get with me?
    After: I am a rocking chick. What’s wrong with THEM? Their loss.
  9. Before: I used to fear arrogant and cocky people and be intimidated
    After: I pity arrogant and cocky people. Obviously they’re overcompensating for some sort of void and are hiding it sorely
  10. Before: I used to be ashamed to cry
    After: It’s okay, as long you’re lying in a fetal position in a corner (heh heh heh)


My friend John tried to read my online journal and look what happened:


Access Denied
The requested document,,
will not be shown.

Reason: DDR score = 150. This page will not be displayed because it
contains prohibited words or it has exceeded its tolerance of
questionable words.


Awesome comment I got today:

Your just a rockin chick cuz u like to put it all right in everyone’s
I think that alone puts you in the rockin category.

Rock on rocker.

NIICE (go ego! go ego!!)

what else:

*Star Wars 2 (digital vs. non digital) : DEFINITELY DIGITAL
*Dog Town and Z-boys: so THAT’S what zephyr means! (I thought Stacy Peralta was a girl…oops. I guess I was wrong)
*Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Damn that’s a good movie. That heart scene still gives me the queasies (whatever queasies are)

Top 3 colors

  1. sky blue
  2. navy blue
  3. pacific ocean blue (yeah baby!)

Top 5 reasons you should be in a committed relationship:

  1. sex
  2. somebody to make out with you on national holidays (i always wanted to make out on the 4th of July…awww…fireworks)
  3. you can put that tongue ring to use (finally!)
  4. if you want to try something new, you usually have a partner to try it with (it’s more fun that way)
  5. you can probably kick ass on taboo if you’re competing against single people (this is just an assumption)

Top 5 reasons you SHOULDN’T be in a committed relationship:

  1. you don’t have to be anybody’s mommy
  2. you don’t have to answer to ANYBODY!
  3. free dinners from different people
  4. all the money you earn is for you yo (lower cell phone bills yo!)
  5. as mary j. blige would say “no mo drama”

my finger dexterity is wearing thin (I have no energy level whatsoever)