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INSOMNIAC!!! and a word about having “game” (something I don’t have…YET)

DUDE. It’s about 130 in the morning and I’m sidewatching one of my favorite movies, SEVEN. This shit’s the shit. I tend to want to watch stuff that deals with morality.


  1. Ezra
  2. Better than Ezra.

I have insomnia. I would actually define myself as a narcoleptic insomniac. When I fall asleep I don’t know it but it doesn’t matter because I feel like I’m awake all the time.


  1. Queen of Hearts (I love that country song…)
  2. Ace of Spades
  3. The black joker

I work at Starbucks in San Diego. I don’t like it. Okay, I sort of do. I like the intellectual college boys (small square frames, dark hair and green eyes are the killer combo for me recently…) who come in and want coffee advice. can you believe it? Coffee advice. I think I have a tiny bit of game when I wear the pigtails (which I wore today).

In NYC I had some of it. Probably because I wouldn’t give guys the time of day (or desperation factor is up because of the increase in population thereby decreasing competition? I don’t know the bell curve…)

In San Diego, I have none. Is it possible to have negative game? I might be in the negative 3 range. Well, in respects to having game, I think it’s sort of silly to begin with. I mean…REALLY. What is the point? I think I need to find someone with an equal amount of game (or anti-game, it seems) to know that having game is lame anyway. Of course, this is a non structured rant instead of the witty and poignant essay I had written in my head (which will probably appear in the future)


  1. Game is considered having to look good all the time. Don’t have the time or the money.
  2. If you have time to perfect your game, you have too much time to begin with
  3. “Tonight, I’ll be the super-me”
    “What if the super-you meets the super-her, and the super-her rejects the super-you?”
    “But, it was never me. It was just a game. I live my life like a French movie, Steve” (a debate about game in the Cameron Crowe flick “Singles”)
  4. Don’t girls with game always have things paid for them? That’s dumb BECAUSE you will never really own anything on your own volition.
  5. How do you define the line between “having game” and “being slutty?” (this could actually be a whole other debate about the way women are perceived in society…but that’s a whole other issue).
  6. Does reading books define as game (i.e. expanding your mind?)
  7. Toes aren’t made to deal with heels (girls with game usually wear such things.)
  8. Girls who can’t wear hooded sweatshirts are ungamely (DAMN YOU HOMIES!!! DAMN YOU!!!)
  9. Uh… girls with game don’t like to fish (how dare they?)
  10. “I would rather be at home and play one-person monopoly…then deal with girls who are trying to get their game on in the club” –Tyler (okay, okay. I took the first part of the quote from tyler. I made the rest of it up after the ellipsis).


  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (3rd time reading it. 700 pages of awesome adventure. As of now, Harry is attending the Quidditch World Cup) I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE FIFTH BOOK COMES OUT! THIS NOVEMBER BABY!!! AHHHHHH!!!
  2. The Hobbit (DAMN! Legolas isn’t in this one. I’m at the part where they figure out how to open the secret portal to the lonely mountain)
  3. George Carlin “Napalm and Silly Putty” — I like his insights on blow jobs. tee hee
  4. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath — About an intellectual, talented, ambitious woman who slowly goes insane. My roommate gave this to me as a going away present….foreshadowing my future perhaps (DAMN YOU HOMIES [Angela] DAMN YOU!!!)
  5. The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve — A love story. Enough said. (that crap is addictive as much as porn. I’m telling you…)

If you want to borrow any of these books, give me a ringer. (huh?) my fake british vernacular.

Okay, my attempt to get thy slumber on shall commence.

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So.. I just moved out here in California. I sort of have the love hate thing going on.

I absolutely love:
–the weather
–the beach
–driving on the freeway with music blasting
–the time
–working out (a la running around the Eastlake uh..Lake)
–everything is cheaper
–getting to see my bestest friends almost everyday
–no long distance phone bills

I absolutely abhor:
–the boredom
–the lack of activities
–some peoples’ mentality there is nothing outside of SD
–missing my friends on the East Coast
–Starbucks (I’m was okay with it in NYC because those peeps were like my second family)
–living at home

Of course the aforementioned could be easily rectified if I put my mind to it. So I’m trying my best to change stuff without being too negative blah blah blah.

Love life: nonexistent as of now. I think I have a love/hate relationshipo with having a relationship as well. As Chris Rock would say (please excuse my abundance of quotes in my journal entries) “relationships, easy to get into, hard to maintain”. I think I would be really good at it. but that’s my opinion. I guess I won’t know just yet. But, as many of you know, I have made my top ten list for the ideal mate. (Any of you may fill the application if you think you are worthy…HA HA HA..heh…okay. As Jennifer Lopez says ENOUGH! That movie looks like a watered down SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY. Been there, done that. I guess this movie would be a more agressive version. But I digress)

Top Ten Qualities in an Ideal Mate. (in random order)

  1. Must be ambitious
  2. Must understand passion* and/or be passionate
  3. Must be capable of understanding my insanity or at least give attempts to understand
  4. Have a quench for knowledge and be able to talk on my level of intellegence (no matter how low or high it may be at the time) but know that having a great capacity of learning and gaining knowledge does not necessarily make you a wise man.
  5. Must try to amend things within 24 hours, if a conflict arises
  6. I want a minimum of 4 times a week. (Plenty of time!)
  7. Likes to kiss me, but not a huge amount of PDA.
  8. Must look good in a suit or a tuxedo
  9. Must have the same bizarre sense of humor as I do. Must be okay with my random off the wall rants.
  10. WANTS to love me unconditionally.

Of course the next 10 are qualities I prefer but that will be in the next exciting episode of Sharona’s life. Usually there are 4 main points that are hard to fulfill on this list. Can you guess which four? ahhh..

toodles for now. (toodles?)

  • Passion, is a double edged sword for me. Many people (many is a subjective term) are very attracted to my passion for many things but forget to realize that because I’m a passionate person I tend to overreact. Watch Father of the Bride.


  1. Aritificial Intelligence (suggested by Chad)
  2. Training Day (suggested by Tyler)

Reviews next week! 🙂